Earth to Matilda

Just in case you needed ‘em, here are more examples of my stupidity. FIRST TIMER’S Lomography photography which is probably redundant because they made up the word lomography as a hybrid explanation of photography + the style of camera/film. I am so tired of typing lomography btw, that was the last time. Right there.

One hundred years ago these things happened. We ate popcorn I guess.

Hipster Hailey. She’s wearing a wooden guitar pic from The Hard Rock hotel in San Diego I bought her. This was her hippie phase.

Could these be considered legit instagrams? That’s my papa. Yes he is related to Jack Kerouac. Yes I have said that ten million times before. You have to keep repeating yourself because you never know what new important big deals may be watching you. I am very flexible too. LOLOLOLL Jokes shut up!

Holy am I drunk what the hell is going on here?? Hahaha this is how many f’s I give.

How’s about some of that too while we’re at it.

Double exposure bad ass.

That’s gotta be moms.

Kittens! These go for $900 a pop. Sha-right!

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