That’s a Raymidea.

Hola muchachos!

A new Raymi Toronto post is up go check it out! :) Raymi Toronto Does halloween @ The Lodge on Queen! (When you’re finished off here first of course).

Had such a great time dancing with Shanny.

I enjoy painting my face like a clown more than I do my beige concealer, go figure.

clicky clicky

Met friends at the Dog and Bear yesterday despite being a big disaster.

This was me yesterday. God I talk a lot. I even rode my bike at one point. Dangerous lol.

Gene fell in love with me. They always do. Okay all the rest of the juice is on Raymi Toronto, enjoy.

Theatre Bizarre is the gift that keeps on giving. There will be a fourth and final installment believe it or not. GOTH 4EVR.