doing nothing is everything

Happy Monday! Nothing like a rainy Monday. At least this is a day of travel.

Just a little breathless post to say hello and goodbye to PEI. The time just flew on by. Sadness. I’ll tell ya one thing I surely won’t miss and that’s the wifi! Holy bloody slow. I didn’t work on my book at all nor did I edit this interview that’s waiting on my go for press. You think you’re gonna do these things on vay-kay, but ya’s ain’t.

Yesterday I paraded around in this little number (til I got changed into real clothes at dinner) and had a completely fine time. It wasn’t a sunny day so we were like to hell with the beach and obsessively played monopoly deal. Very addictive that game.

The day prior I made a bit more effort, so.

As much crap as I can fit in this post still won’t even scratch the surface on amount of images captured blabbity blah.

Liquor store parking lot action.

Did exercises around the house in this between card games. I have gained some lobster weight. Great. Fat makes my face look healthier and younger anyway I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. No I won’t I’ll hate it.

Okay I am being rushed now gotta pack and go.



Oh hi.

Pinch me.

I love this dress. The back is adorb too.

Caught up on my sleep out here too. Feel refreshed. Gotta go meow!