I lost one of my pearl earrings, I raymi the jinxed myself. So I constantly flicked my hair to and fro and was encouraged to do that, Jen is a dreamgirl on set she really made me feel comfortable, at ease, good tv. Made them chuckle quite a bit and even taught them some things that they really wanted to learn more about, shit like my theory of BEAUTY CURRENCY that I expanded upon a little, um, I think we’ll just have to wait and see. I said a lot.

Name in lights brah!

This is Rob. He and are similar creative folk, I really impressed him today and the crew I came guns blazin’ you get no second chances in life the way I see it and each thing you do in this field is essentially a try-out for another gig that they didn’t know they wanted yet, ah-ha right? I am talking at my highschool this week so I want to prepare smarty-like things to say to them and inspire them cos there sure as shit wasn’t anyone paving my way, nahmean? Trailblazer, emphasis on the blazer lol. j/k GOD! Relax!

This is a room at the Gladstone. Many years ago I had a table at Canzine here and my first fanatic came to meet me, he bought a lot of stuff and gave me a large bottle of gin and I think had a very great time and got laid a lot and partied like a champ but at customs they pulled up my blog cos they were a bit curious about why this fella was traveling to Toronto from Georgia. I was dressed like a Goth raggedy Anne when he arrived, with my lips painted like porcelain doll and blanked out white on the sides very spooky. Uh anyway it was neat to be back under different and newer circumstances?

We had to pause at points when the Go Train went by, or a car alarm went off. We triumphed.

This was funny, the lamp is very similar to a hair salon dryer and reminded me of Edward Scissorhands so the team was careful not to align it with my head, the walls were too bare with my platinum hair, they said bleach a lot and I cringed inwardly. My hair is not bleached I am not Kelly Bundy. In fact we touched upon blowjobs and thoughts on dudes putting their hand on the back of your neck to “let the games begin” and is that permissible and I said I do not let dudes touch my hair. #Princess. #DamnfuckingStraight.

My face is made for film, and tv lighting, not even “just saying” FULL saying.

Diane Sawyer I am coming for ya. Notice I talk like Yoda? Teacher pointed that out. Can’t help it, I say shit as it is occurring to me and broadcast it live like your Nono 24/7 ughhh lol.

I am in a really good mood that this went well and is wrapped and I feel way less stressed out than I did last week. Phewf.

Geeky techy guy stuff pr0n.

And so on.


Nice view. We took the stairs. I was huffin’ oh my I need to jog again. Now that I have an ipod touch no excuses. Teacher has a chore tomorrow! Syncing that up that is man work, if they pretend to be dumb in some areas I get to be lazy and useless in others.

If there is two of it THEN IT IS ART.

I so love flowers and plants but when we stay away a night the animals barf everywhere if we leave flowers behind. Dicks.

Grabbing pops for the crew.


Lefty. Down to the ol lady hands, a ten. Sorry but I make effort in all areas. One girl said she attributes her crazy finger bling/nail art addiction to me and its made a monster of her. Flattery.

Mmm I want more snacks. We ate at the Drake for #86d and Ivy Knight’s thing, met some more foodielites to add to my pile, always a pleasure. Good cheese and we got oysters, plus rum tasting. I want to see what this magical Mount Gay place looks like for myself now THAT would be the blogvertorial of the centch!

A breather before it’s my turn.

Showtime. No seriously, I’m going to watch tv now.