eat pray farm

Hey! Hay is for horses. Lets go!

The last two weeks, maybe three, have been a hectic fun blur I can totally relate to that cat’s facial expression right meow. Barn cats are great, so low hassle they pretty much raise themselves and the local wildlife take care of (eating) the rest. So many kittens on this farm.

Baby turkeys. By November they’ll be a nice size. Nice knowin’ ya more like. Oh man I am on a roll today look out.

That little kitty I could fit in my hand so teeny weeny. We died.

This is the watercraft we SHOULD have taken out. Massive. Like the friggin’ Hudson Bay Company boat. But no, too much drama to portage it over to the other house then water? Which was actually a swamp reservoir. God what a shitshow.

That’s the water we went in. My ass is sopping wet and dirty here. We had to crashland on this woman’s property who was not keen and I had to take off my wet shirt, her nerdy little girls in-tow all dressed like amish recluses. The girls were asking me a million questions and commenting on my toe polish that they loved it was cute but the mom was not feeling it. I was like oh don’t worry this was totally not my idea or a good one. We had to walk the dingy off the property then donated it to a family Rob knows but forgot to give them the paddles. All in all two adults in a dingy is NOT a good time. It was hilarious though, looking back. Some unfriendly locals in that town. This other gruff woman in a pick-up truck blocked us off at a crossroad and got in Rob’s face about what we were doing there WTF lady do you own the town??

Rob is crazy like me. Crazier probably so everywhere we go it’s a spectacle. Sometimes I just walk on ahead to avoid embarrassment. Creative types, I tell ya! Our cameras were in that jar plus smokes. At least a pile of beers and vodka micky was out on display while that pilgrim woman was giving us the gears ahahha.

All the guys at the bonfire our last night said I was a good time (no not like that) and I’m invited back for sure. I am kind of like a guy anyway in that I have a horrible mouth on me and can keep up with their quick-talk. I was hazed quite a bit. I can be gullible and fall for dumb shit often. But once I catch on boy, get ready for the roasting. One guy was like so… is your house being fumigated why are you here with Rob? I always seem to perplex people.

Although we were up north we sure did a lot. Not much relax. Maybe a little. I pretty much laid in bed all day yesterday deservedly so. My arms went numb from holding up my phone for two hours I could not nap no matter how hard I tried.

Berry picking was a disaster too we didn’t find much but I got to see this beautiful wheat field my new best friend. Everyone made fun of us for going berry picking but it was an excuse to get away from the family and see the sights.

At least my hair matches the field.

Got some hive spying action in. I didn’t do any bee work. No one likes to do it cos you get stung. I was too hung to get stung. I’d have a full blown meltdown.

Heaven on earth. Legit.

Do you recognize this? Can you figure out where we were/are.

I love this beach.

Wished I had tanning bronzer lotion. Love that shit. Seagulls pecked at us as we slept on the beach. The bag too. Ballsy.

Rob hates this thing, thinks it’s garbage. Seeing me take a picture of it made him appreciate it more and he felt more proud about it. People can’t see the forest for the trees when they’ve seen something their whole life.


Honey everywhere. Forgot to bring my wax home. Do you want some wax? You can use it to clean your house apparently. I can steal some and then sell you some lol.

Arighty then I’ll leave you now with this wheat video. There’s a lot more to share soon have a great Sunday!