can’t help it with the sneak peeks

What a weenis!

Kind of criminal to go to wing night when bordering on pms bloat town especially when I already had a whopper today. I am horrible. Speaking of criminal, how much do you love that Britney song? I am so easy for this sort of pop culture thing, is it because I am from the suburbs? Probably.

As long as you don’t look full-slob, sweats are ok and lord know I’m bordering on Wysteria Lane walking velour suit groups-age. Bleh. Wing time! I am wing obsessed! We got wings (SEE!) in the burbs and had to put our own lemon on them, why they got rid of lemon pepper, so stupid. An editor (owner/founder?) of a very well known media outlet DM’d yours truly(so flattred I fainted, seriously wait until I tell some friends) (DM is direct message for those who still aren’t on twitter, morons) and asked if I in fact invented the term barflyentele and if so, genius. I said yes I did inspired by a kelsey’s in a Burlington parking lot.


So I guess the moral of the story is, you can find success anywhere.

Man I motivational spoke the shit out of those kids today, good work Whitey.

Oh and Mr. Bates stole my (legendary) copy of On the Road from the school library (I accompliced the book heist) that I used for my essay in grade twelve (he said not to sell it on ebay though) and we just plain stole it, plus he gave me another copy as a gift. Major sweetheart. Colleague came along and shot it all. Oh Tarek, all the popular girls loved my clutch and gushed over it. You are doing it right. :)

One kid deals cookies like drugs, very enterprising, we liked him a lot and encouraged blogging/facebook/twitter. Haha.

Look dad I’m Bad Teacher!

Irresistible to not replicate.