Tattooing your brand

LOL. Ren has two black cats, what is this the Matrix? Why do you need TWO black cats? I asked her. I am very amused by myself.


Ha ha when this school is done with your dog he could be a four-star chef!

I said to Lucas, now I guess everyone will know that I am a slut. Yes he snickered. Wrong. They will think that, then ask, and then get cornered in to a twenty minute conversation about my blog, entire life, social media and virtual sales. Or mythical creatures known as the minx, and why men are stupid.

You can’t outminx a minx!

We forgot to dump Teacher’s iphone so he uploaded all of these for me already. Yay! I have not seen any of these yet myself. I am not even touching mystery camera, that thing stresses me out I know there’s at least 200 randoms on it. They’ll be good of course.

Just like that. Ren did my Blythe doll. Ren is also my nickname from High School. Ren’s friends think she tattooed herself on my arm cos the doll kinda looks like her. I am fine with that, as long as it’s a cute girl on my arm doesn’t matter her face.

“3a”? lol. ps. yes that is a newf accent coming out of Ren you’re hearing.

The pain comes and goes.

Great job Renita, love it so much, have barely been able to look at it cos it is hidden from my view.

The day began like this I guess, as all days do. Trollin’ then we be rollin’.

Lining it up took a little while, is it straight, it MUST cover the scar but it can’t wrap too much we want a clean line. Remember, the bad ones hurt forever ha ha.

Look it’s BEAN! She is a teacup Brussels Griffin and I am obsessed with her. Describing Bean to Teacher I said, she is like an adorable down syndrome bat and you will DIE. Completely takes tat fears away.

Renita just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

Decided not to fill in, ran out of time and patience and I like the simpleness of it, I’ll think on it awhile whether I even want to ever fill it in. The burn scar lends a detail dimension to the tail. I likey. Corinna and Adam were like, get THE LAST MINX which I almost went for (it’s the title of the story where Raymi was invented, uber-“meaningful” right).

Legit clean pro set-up. I lucked out on knowing Ren. We have a good laugh and it blows my mind the history behind us, in the sense of time I mean, how many years has it been now? Dunno.

I’ll be adding more to this blog post so keep checking back when this Mughnday is gettin’ ya down. XOXO!

Pain suppressing face.

That “other” scar is actually a bruise. I HOPE!