I’m a blogger not a fighter

We decided we have to put more expensive things inside these. Gold chains! Russell Oliver help! I made another flower one last night in like 4 seconds ahaha j/k. I made one though, but it was in like 4 minutes.

I think next will be a garden skull head. Yop you betcha.

Someone got upset about this photo yesterday. I am going to have to think about this whole nudity private vs public thing maybe eventually soon. I dunno, I kind of always do whatever I want to do and the more people opposition it, the more I do it but now I am thinking for two people here BUT I am the boss of me. Right? Plus I write for Playboy now so. Also it’s just underwear. And I have an upcoming photoshoot scheduled (not for a spread fyi) and I might be in skivvies for that too, maybe I am trying to milk my Raymi the Minxing for as long as I can. Maybe I’ll be like Jessica Tandy nude in her 80’s in one of her last movies. I worry for today mostly and deal with tomorrow’s consequences never if I can help it. I know that jealousy and possession in relationships is a slippery slope that goes both ways and can get maybe hypocritical if a balance is not carefully maintained aka skanks be creeping ma man at all hours/times IRL so what does it matter if I post a pic in my underoos, case closed!

why didn’t we take some of these coasters??

And now counter point, I DO know that when I showed my blog to relatives (his) or maybe some stuffy aristocrat bougy whatever le fuck I’d put my hand up to cover the more provocative photos of myself so if I wasn’t ashamed of that why did I do that then? Am I changing my minx stripes? C’est possible? How about this, I am proud of my body. I am not “a skank” and I don’t have the money shot up on there which is where I draw the line, any shadows in our lower bits are not for sharing.

Weirdest/best television hug ever. If you’re a new Little Raymi, then you won’t know how much of a Big Brother fan I am, particularly, Big Brother UK. I stopped watching it this summer halfway through the series but watched the finale the other night because I had to see who won. The game is so grueling and the stress, bullying, co-dependency, loneliness, boredom, blabbity blah so I fully understand why this hug IS this hug and I love it and I also love that these two bros made it to final two and that Luke A. won (white guy) was actually born a woman and had gender-reassignment, Boom! Truth. I would have been totally fine with Adam also winning but we knew he wouldn’t. You can kinda tell who is going to win Big Brother about 1/2 way through the show, based on how the public votes. Deana, Miss India (no for real she was crowned Miss India and I was rooting for her major) made it to top 3. She was most bullied and it was tough to watch and I think she might secretly be on anti-depressants based on her sluggishness and general malaise but everyone else were horrid. Don’t get me started. Lauren was another awesome chick in there and bullied like crazy cos of how cute she is, Luke S. def shoulda made a harder play for her and his dismal attempt at the get-go was seen by Ashleigh (the barf face) who thusly lead the witch hunt bullying of Lauren, way to go Lushleigh (that’s Luke and Ashleigh’s nickname they were the showmance duo of Big Brother and in no way does Luke actually like her) and now you see why I had to stop watching it there’s like 3 episodes a day to watch that go up in between all my party and hangover schedules and falling in love no time no time! BUT Celeb Big Brother UK debuted last night so I’ll see what the cast is like and report back on it for you. I figure I should watch it since I am trying out for Big Brother Canada. I have a feeling our version will be modeled after the USA show which sucks in comparison to UK BB IMO but I know how those western bullies operate from watching a few season’s worth back in the day I’m all set so BRING IT ON. Ps. I loved Sarah too and her love and devout devotion to the Royals plus her lust for Meatloaf. This chick is an eleven and she wants Meatloaf, the guy not the loaf who just so happens to also be, a loaf.

Do you have to make me jealous via t-shirt now too? (I think this shirt is hot btw). Why do guys wear shirts with whores on them lol just kidding. Like hi okay you like boning chicks good for you clap clap. And I can’t blog my butt pics? Also you put your hands in women’s gorgeous rich lady manes all the time and I don’t care. The scores of thousands of men and women who look at me I will never meet or touch. Modern Love in the digital world eh.

I prefer a can’t beat ‘em join ‘em approach. Which drives men INSANE. I am probably going to get in trubs for writing some of this but I don’t know I am in a relationship now “a real one” “the one” so I don’t know what I am supposed to do or how to act or what the blog boundaries are set at I just go as hard as I can until I am done pushing my luck. It’s about compromise. Fairness and loyalty. It is my goal to get my entire wedding sponsored like Xiaxue did. Or explode trying. Steve‘s the one who’s going to be the Bridezilla actually (that’s the new joke I’ve been making lately from all the wedding films I am now allowed to watch because I won’t have to kill myself from envy) you should hear him on the phone or talking about the tuxedo for his dad and wedding dinner rehearsal stuff it’s truly adorabz he is quite a meticulously detailed guy it motivates me to keep a little more on top of things. I guess we are like Dharma & Greg meets Jessica & Lache or choose your own favourite non-despised tv couple you enjoy.

I keep getting interrupted for this post today and I have a deadline to meet still and an event to prepare for urgle burgle. This photo isn’t even very good. Plus I just messed up the template, but then I fixed it. Then I talked to my website guys about my stats and other businessy type stuff. Running (ruining)(lol) your own Empire is overwhelming and fatiguing.

Then life plunks a message down on my head. We watch bootleg movies now It’s like fast-tracking your existence. Dig it man.

I like when I look like Xena warrior in the hair and in the face. I live like a cavewoman anyway, analyze statement at will.

V. impressed with this one. It’s super heavy too.

It was kind of hot to watch him work.

He said he’d never had so much fun.

Ran out of time Lebowskis be grateful for what you get, I tried (barely). Have a great night. ps. LIKE MY PICS PLEASE Hover and click ‘LIKE’ thank you so much IOU one sometime! Just ask. xo rlw.