the learning curve

apparently there isn’t one in certain cases. remember our friend? well he’s back! so it’s pretty safe to say that he doesn’t read my blog. phewf. more material thanks guy!

flickr genius says: you judged me for offering to show u some nude photos, but your photo stream is filled with you naked

raymi says: i do not want to see your dick

i do not email people asking if they want to see my pictures

what i do is my business

you are lurking my stream, that is your business, as shady as it is, whatever, WHEN i posted nudes they were on the tasteful side

what is your point

flickr genius:

i have no problem with your posting.

mine are pretty tasteful too just wanted to share them

raymi: why are you writing back to me about this weeks and weeks later


i just noticed your new photos and i remember you thinking it was weird that i asked if youd take a look at my pics, but u have many similar ones.

i just wanted to show you mine b/c i had seen some of your similar photos. fair trade.

raymi: ok let me see these pictures then once and for all

flickr: you dont mind if my penis is exposed in them?

raymi: well see there you go my genitals are not exposed in MY pictures
so therefore this isn’t the same
but yeah go ahead lets see it

flickr: there are multiple topless photos. are those not you?

raymi: tits are tits, and i dont do that frequently anymore and again, my business i dont email force them on people.

flickr: i dont force them either. that’s why i ask. the whole time ive had them private until now that you’ll agree to look. since you said no a few weeks ago, they were private so you couldnt have seen them even by accident.

raymi: ok let me see this artistic expression once and for all

flickr: posted. please let me know your thoughts on any aspect

*ok then he posts two pictures ONLY of his cock which i would’ve had to screen grab to get you the full size, there is absolutely nothing artistic or tasteful at all about them and what part of i don’t want to see your dick do you not understand. so right now he is sitting on ice awaiting my response which i haven’t given cos 1 i’m pissed and 2 i’ve been transcribing our correspondence for this post which is hard to do cos flickr messages do not flow properly and 3 i am getting a friend to upload the pictures for me elsewhere so the guy won’t see his dick in my stream. he has since written back this:

flickr: thoughts?

raymi: firstly, what part of “i do not want to see your dick” did you not understand? secondly, tell me, where is the taste and artistic aspect of these particular shots? thirdly, did i not tell you before that i am practically married and do not scour the web for photos of other men’s penises? my thoughts are irritation, what were you expecting from this exchange?

flickr: i asked you multiple times and u said you were ok looking
once. and once it was. i will never ask again. i appreciate
you looking and best of luck. ill never message you again.

raymi: all the best

is it worth posting his pictures so that my blog will be marked as porn and banned by even more companies? ok if you want to see just how artistic this guy is you may view his photos here and here. NSFLIFE.