absinthe masters

my left thigh looks like johnny knoxville’s right now. my left hand is very battered, knuckle exploded into a bruise got hit in the same spot twice and later on my thumb. i took out the first opposing team on my own for the most part. then the second round again. then i got a reputation that spread throughout the building. we all worked together but yeah i was a little insane kamikaze in the beginning. once my hand got hit i lightened up a little. getting it in the mask is pretty funny, very sobering. speaking of which not a one of us was. the paintball aficionados said we were the best renters they’d ever seen. this pack of kids didn’t want to play us cos we were a bit aggressive. picking people off is fun once you get in position and see a guy crouching having no idea you’re right on him holy gun psycho talk ok one more thing you pant a lot from adrenaline and over-exertion, totally wicked workout. bruises likely won’t go away for awhile. i have sand everywhere and my chucks are fucked.

bought these yesterday from value village. they’re a little small. i think your feet shrink when you lose weight. i also bought a vintage one piece swimsuit i’ll show when i take a better picture in it.

it was a wonderful buzzkill to have the paintball place situated right beside a church. people streaming out and we’re all packed in one vehicle pounding brews what’s up god folks?

there’s a central fb page out there somewhere i need to be an admin for so i can load it up with pictures. we left those balloons behind and when we came back after paintball they were still there haha.

kamilla is wearing my $1 raybans. fakebans.

uggggggh. it was the boss’s idea to get us blasted (j/k)(sort of)(best boss ever!) so we’d be easier to pick off. pretty much backfired immediately. being gunned takes the sting and the fear out of how fucking scary the act of paintball is.

the green fairy. oh boy.

after. oh man i was worried for a minute there. then my hands and arms buzzed like crazy for a bit. absinthe at noon on a sunday.

last nite was hip hop nite which will never be happening again cos it got insane and no one tipped. i was cut early thankfully and once i left the crazy turned way up. cops showed. tellin’ you guys, central is lighting up big time.

hard to capture but once it’s more significant i’ll definitely document and share my bruise progress. who the fuck shot me twice in a row? i got teppei in the side of the head, i feel pretty bad but have to admit, it kinda felt good too.

if you come for a drink and it’s not too busy i’ll pour it into a special glass just for you.

tomorrow i move house i cannot wait for tuesday and for it to be all over so over tired so many stories to tell so little time. i am done being a travelling gypsy. all my stuff is disorganized, clothes are mixed with dirty and clean ok who cares no one wants to read about that shit.

my right arm is becoming very sore now. took some shoulder hits but mostly from carrying the gun.