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Hello everyone!

Kinda put together a Punky Beach Brewster look yesterday with maybe a bit of Michelle Tanner. Have to wash my hair today it’s at that point eek.

Stay fit, limber and agile. You’ll regret it if you don’t. My body is sore from doing TWO cartwheels so there you go.

Welcome to my adventures on Prince Edward Island. Yes I am getting lobster fat. When in Rome bro. BTW it’s pretty gorgeous everywhere you look here. I die. I could do a dedicated church blog post, alone.

This beach took my breath away yesterday. Got pretty giddy. We didn’t bring anything to eat or drink we just nosed around, threw rocks, took pics. Wished had been there all day and today it’s overcast but warm so I dunno where the sun went that’s pretty lame.

We’ve had a pretty jokey time, neither of us want to kill the other yet so that’s great to report. There was a moment on our way here from Charlottetown though but we got through. Success!

Update: he dumped my coffee I saved for today so I want to kill him now.

I overpacked. Shocker.

Realising we have no signal here which is kinda great actually. I took an extra shirt with me to rub in the red clay to tie-dye it but we didn’t get around to that we were too happy doing nothing instead.

A great point in vacationing is capturing the experience and getting portraits of oneself in a new setting with great scenery. No one finds mirror selfies as exciting no matter how many we take.

Trevor’s mom should be very house proud. Lots of whimsical decor pieces on fleek.

These shares aren’t in chronological order because I’m going backward through flickr. The wifi is very slow here so we will see how much I can get through before I “snap”.

My view at dinner. Better pics on my camera I’ll share when I get home.

Settled on this casual look for supper. I was thinking ball gown and was swiftly steered clear of that notion. We were playing a loud and funny game of name a kitchn utensil/cooking implement-something and every time we’d laugh this old guy would stare at us from the corner of his eye like all startled but too shy to give in and I’d smile at him. I wish the world could be as unhinged as we were last night it’s just good to relax and enjoy the moment. I find sometimes I’m so stressed I can’t enjoy the enjoyable things I do and be at peace and I hate that. Unlock the zen master within if you can that’s all I’m saying.

Put some zen hours in yesterday before the beach while Trevor slept. Reminded me of my times in Thunder Bay. I’ve probably said, “one time in Thunder Bay” A million times now. “Oh, this reminds me…of a story about Thunder Bay.” hahaa.

It’s time to add more blond to my hair and exercise to my regime I can’t just rely on mbating and sex to tone this temple can you diggit. Speaking of I lied to trev that a farmer and I had a roll in the hay from the grass that got in my hair from this tan sesh and he kinda believed it haha asshole yeah right! I did make eye contact with a hot tractor boy the day we got here though…

Mighty lobster feast! omg a sale at leon’s *squeals*.

Mmm. I also smell bacon IRL right now. I am eating nothing but salads and veg after this trip.

A military plane overhead us while we had road burgers and spoke to the chattiest newf ever he was so nice!

Just be quiet now.

Charlottetown is a fun little place too. I approve.

Trevor thought he was tired. Oh, is that what you thought buddy? I don’t think so.

Charlottetown hasn’t been the same since.

The flight was pretty decent too. No complaints really at all if you can believe it.

I will miss this place!

I did some exercises on this log until we got in a fight about how abs are made in the kitchen. Uh explain 6-packs then I don’t think so.

To be continued! Have a great weekend.

5 thoughts on “PEI STYLE

  1. Just to be clear… The reason the (day old) Tim Hortons coffee got dumped was because I was cooking Raymi a bacon, egg and toast breakfast and needed a place to put the bacon grease. Also, I had just went to the store for coffee and brewed her a fresh pot. The things that don’t make a blog I tell ya.

  2. i was saving it to drink you could have used any cup in the house but you had to use MY CUP OF COFFEE that I said the night before I will drink tomorrow. you targeted it and then there was no coffee left to make more afterward. you could have said sorry also.

  3. Sorry for making you breakfast again. Now let me get into the kitchen so I can start cooking you another lobster dinner.

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