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oppressed by the figures of beauty

Well hi there sports fans.

I took some ass pics today. Will post tomorrow because YOLO.

At times over the summer or, whenever, I’ve had moments where I’ve used yolo (post-ironically speaking of course!) in a sentence to describe something off like blah blah yadda yadda yolo… then I realised NO ONE COULD UNDERSTAND WTF I was saying.

So I would have to say it means you only live once, repeat the story like I did that crazy thing because YOLO, following now bruh?

Yes I hate it. Yes I use it because it’s dumb and all-emcompassing of an action, it’s like the new fuck – which, I sprinkle on everything liberally.

It’s how I talk. Pretend sorry. I talk like a sailor. Swift, dirty.

I can easily express myself like a geezer with eyes like two pissholes in a snowbank, ahh can and ah will!

I am tired of being ashamed so I’m not gonna be it anymore!

I am tired of being sheepish about being exquisite sometimes!

Like seriously, I try fucking hard man, to look, to be, and to be good, to help others, to be there for them.. you have no idea honestly. But!

You don’t get anywhere by letting people stand in your way. I had a really good zinger the other night I might have to just blog it.

I said I AM gonna be more successful and it’s not going to be from letting people like you get in my way.

I have watched The Other Woman twice in a month and I feel like it might have rubbed off on me a bit.

I am inspired to just “have chill” about the crazy decision I’ve made for my future.

I have certainly over-thought it enough and ping ponged back and forth in my head. At the end of each soul-searching sesh I come away with go for it.

Don’t ever forget the Raymboat mantra, IF NOT NOW WHEN.


I told my mom.

She’s like, you’re in your thirties and you still want to take your clothes off.

I was like fucking right I’m almost 32 and they want me in the game still.

I got into serious shape for this and I am glad they told me to. It’s probably going to get bananas pretty soon. Screen test is next week. NO it’s not p0rn.

Anyway back to my day. Slept over at Nana’s last night had doc appt today, watched Oscars. Gaga was amazing.

I kind of ran out of energy for this post. It’s been a long day. This is me at 21.

I uploaded all these photos yesterday, starting now, but lost the desire to blog then too. My mom is over right now and internet jamming away.

Huevos bf style.

Dick innuendo! Plantains are bigger.

Okay I’ll save date night for later. I want to read the internet meow.

xo Raymbo

7 thoughts on “oppressed by the figures of beauty

  1. That water fountain photo is really beautiful. It just seems so unplanned and capture something magnificent. I am on the road for work & just set up an Instagram account to follow you there & see what you kids are all up to these days. I don’t know what I am doing, but when you see On The Road Again, it’s me – FYI. Not that it matters, but I didn’t want you to think you had to separate creeps following you, HA HA! Thanks for the entertainment when I am on the road all over the place for work. I have a few beers, some music playing & some Raymi on the web. What else could I need. You provide a great service to a wary traveler. Thanks. Beautiful as ever!

  2. YOLO is actually an important thing to remember and I just decided I’m not going to hate it anymore. Go get em Raymi.

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