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Hey diligent and loyal followers. So, this weekend I was busier than a one-legged man at an ass kicking competition and cos I like, be old now and stuff, guy I’s tired. If you know me I’m a semi-balanced type striking a fine line between laziness and doing lots. Living out here and all the shit that I need to do being in the city can get a bit exhausting, even just thinking about it but like, it’s all fun stuff so why the stress. It’s hard for some people to simply just enjoy their life and appreciate the fun moments and it’s so stupid because years from now I’ll think back to this weekend if I can remember it and be like THAT WAS SICK! And I’ll forget all about this needless useless nagging stress.

I learned that despite how urbane, interesting, funny, intellectual, obnoxious and relentlessly entertaining I can be, that I am nowhere near as interesting as my ass because my hits increased 400% thanks to my little stunt. Should I be the one to tsk tsk at though? No. It’s you perverts, not me.

Enjoy these now because once it’s cold I’ll be in fugly layers, in fact, I won’t even take selfies cos no one cares about snowpants. I bet I will be less active in the running dept all around, get fat and then become a massive bitch. Looking forward to it!

What the hell was I talking about? I just got busy doing a billion other distracting things on the internet and then my bud sent me this drawing and someone reported it on facebook like that. Omg so edgy right meow!

Anyway. The Urban Rodeo BBQ was uh-maaaaaaazing. Lots of wealthy hot people and somebodies walking around drankin’ and yee-hawing it up. Super super fun. I love The Brickworks.

Had a great stay at The Drake. I can’t believe how long wastoids stay out on the streets after last call, so loud right below my window but turned into white noise inevitably. Awesome room and service.

In case you were wondering which you always are about me, I brought two pairs of the exact same pants with me and wore one on each night despite looking like I wore the same pants for 48 hours which isn’t a bad thing people re-wear jeans all the time. I wore my runners cos my right foot “injury” “whatever it is” was acting up again and none of my cool footwear can deal with that and trekking through the city for multiple activities which didn’t end up being a problem anyway this time cos I was a total princess and had cabs and drives I was basically carried around in a papoose all weekend long.


There are so many awesome goodies in your Drake room it’s very tempting.

I wrote a whimsical post once about how much I dug on fall but now I change my mind and I’m bitter on fall. Only because I know what’s coming after. Cannot deal. Hate cold. Despise snow. You have to bring more shit around with you in general like layers and hats and mitts and everything takes longer. I can’t run in snow. Balls. So take your gleeful autumn is for lovers thing and put it on mute. It’s just a personal thing with me and fall so don’t you take my feelings personally against your pumpkin spiced latte farts okay? ok.

Don’t worry I rolled my eyes at myself when I took this. Oh shut up Toronto it’s only the most obvious known graffiti wall on Queen West. Well people in Edmonton don’t know that! See how I have fights with myself insecurely about things I worry a ghost snob might deign to think about the crap I blog?

There we go. I ate a lot of bacon today. In fact, bacon and chicken wings seem to be things I feast on often. Can’t be good. Sometimes I look like a curvy little meatball just saying this is one of those times.

Woke up early today to check out and leave city and then the hunger hit. This bacon was so good. I bet I have the arteries of John Candy.

This is why I love Brickworks. I said to my date, “DAVID SUZUKI” and he either pretended to know what I meant or knew what I meant by that. Fuck I don’t even know. Okay yes I do and it has to do with evergreen trees and something Canadian, long story short.

Not to be a stalker or anything but hi.

Do you guys remember that time I had my own public access program in the 90’s?

Wine and beer are great but cocktails at a thing like this are far greater. These were SO GOOD!

Of course.

Shockingly I made a ring toss. Carnie games are impossible everyone knows that.

The more you change, the more the Drake stays the same and I dig that consistency. I’m a Toronto pariah now so I like things again.

I shall continue my tales another time though. Have a good night.

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