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live sexily

So, hi. I’ve toyed with posting this butt pic for a little while and been too scared to. My homies are like why, just do it and don’t even explain it but you know me, I come with sexplanations. A ton. Meanwhile, instagram sent me one of those stern warnings about the below photo I posted yesterday for #TBT and they deleted my sad little nineteen year old neeple which I had expected them to do anyway, I even blurred it out a bit but obviously it did not suffice. Too much scandal.

What with all these celeb nudes going around, Emma Watson being bullied for standing up for lady rights to be met with nude leak threats what a goddamn great time to be alive no. I’ve already got a lot of image damning (artistic in my opinion) photos out there that ruin all future employment prospects so I may as well just keep on keeping on with it like that Emma Stone movie when she perpetuates the slut myth about herself for some stupid fucking reason. So, that’s my arse and now I have posted it I can move on. It was taken sometime this summer during my whirlwind of yolo. Have a nice day!

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