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oh yeah I paint remember


Happy to receive your response. Please permit me a sentimental moment.

In a way I have grown-up with Raymi The Minx. I first came across your site in the early 2000s. At that time I was living in Halifax with my boyfriend (now husband), studying at DAL, and following Matthew Good’s political and cultural commentary online. One day he referenced you in a post and I clicked the link he provided. Your page has been bookmarked on my browser ever since.

Initially I was a fan of your creativity and style. But I have been inspired, and remained loyal, because of the resilience, strength, and audacity you have demonstrated while sharing your life journey.

For over two years I have been an oncology/palliative health care worker. It is a challenging, heart-breaking, and rewarding career. Though there are days when I feel numb to all the emotions I encounter, there are other days when I feel it all: grief, joy, remorse, love . As cliché as it sounds, my job has been life-changing. It is a constant reminder that life is unpredictable.

That is why I am sharing all of this with you. You have given your readers so much over the years, yet I assume many readers, like myself, have mostly remained silent in the comments section. So I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude; it has been a privilege to read/view your work.

Now that that’s said, on to business. I have no idea about painting prices, so I’m going to bid ******.

I live in Toronto. If you don’t want to ship it I could pick it up somewhere. I’d also love to buy you a coffee or a drink, or at least shake your hand. But if that’s not your thing, that’s cool. I won’t be offended.

Thanks again,


Nicest email award! Ok lets set up a meet and drink and art deal then! That price totally works for me too, good bid :).

Gosh, the internet is full of amazing people yeah? Not just people who are full of it. I love hearing about the lives and histories of my readers.

Btw I forgot to blog-mention about the tv people who wanna meet me. I hope weekends are good for them.

I’m up for the 2014 Canadian weblog awards in 3 categories also and they are Lifetime Achievement (I still haven’t won that little bastard yet), Life (nor that) and Travel (a new category for me!) so in a year we will know the outcome of that.

I am done wiping the dust off of my shoulders meow.

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  1. wish your posts had “like” buttons. most of the time I just enjoy reading, but have nothing to comment.

  2. ahaha I guess that could be kind of off-putting. Just put one there for me, and I’ll press it every time I read: LIKE

  3. I accept what’s ups, good posts etc, but also you can like it on Facebook (if you’re my friend which you are, ooh exclusive) and then the magic of technology syncs/shows the LIKE here. thxkbye

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