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Raymi you’re a firewerk

I have many of these clips, each ranging/varying from extreme scary to mildly. I was hit by something that exploded while I was running to duck for cover in someone’s front porch. It is legal to set fireworks off from 10am to 2am on NYE plus all week long, it sounded like war for over a week. Cool but insane.

Good morning.

It’s not like this back home cos we are “over” fireworks but in Europe they just really enjoy blowing shit up.

Intermingled between the legal fireworks every so often would be an atomic blast, an “illegal” one and it was not for the faint of heart. Feel bad for the all the house pets out there.

One of these frigging things flew at me. Before NYE, 40 eye injuries and 23 fingers blasted off in all of Holland. Those numbers were certainly increased exponentially after new year’s eve night. Crazy euros.

More more more later, got tings to do. xo raymbo

4 thoughts on “Raymi you’re a firewerk

  1. Everything is so much better in Europe. The hookers cradled me in their arms as I was weeping for the first half-hour saying, “I know, I know, I know…”

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