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Okay hi.

I like how I preface all blog posts all breathless like I just flew in from San Diego (and boy are my arms tired!) like guys, hey I’m here now! I just ran down the hallway to BE HERE. I already forgot the ultra awesome joke I was going to make about myself. When your brain is your only friend your attention span is off the chain. Oh right, now I remember. I was just skimming down my blog and thinking how boring my life is or how I present it and I admit I am super boring except not really I get to do what I want more or less I now see that after being around people with kids like when asked what I did over the weekend and I’m like SFA it’s almost disappointing I have no exciting thing to share, although I know that I did do some exciting things like eat Chinese food alone on the couch drinking screwdrivers watching “I have no recollection” though it must have been good otherwise I wouldn’t have been watching it at all. Oh right I watched We’re the Millers. I give it a 7, imdb gives it 7.1 you be the judge.

The original title of this post was Frequently in-asked questions of me. I then realized that in 14 years I never made a blog post called FAQ. And that is sad. And I know that because it says “faq” in the url for this post, otherwise it would say faq-2. That means in fourteen years there haven’t been frequently asked questions about me. Which isn’t really true because I get asked questions all the time, same things posed differently and probably a lot of things I deem TMI for this blog. I’m way more private than I used to be. It’s like sitting on a mountain of secret stuff, which is what makes gossip so juicy when you finally hear something about the regular cast of characters in your life it’s like, grab the popcorn.

Not saying I am hiding anything particularly juicy, well maybe some things always but there’s no point cos homie don’t play that way no mo so! Writing here is supposed to help me perform better elsewhere but I don’t know anymore ahahha. Here is a picture of me with blonde hair on a zebra. GOODNIGHT.

We passed this landmark weirdo restaurant again this summer and I was like oh yeah there’s gonna be an elephant and other zoo animals, an arc… BF and sister were like how did you know that? as we zoomed right by it. Baha.

I’m into a Gaga phase again btw. This performance is great, once she breaks into Do what you want (with my body). I also like her because she reminds me of my childhood bestie who I got in all sorts of trouble with and was cuckoo bananas to the core, like Gaga and they kind of look similar in the face plus we sang 80’s songs in our backyards and performed in our sliding glass door reflections into the garden hose and other ridiculous shit. Peace! honk shoo honk shoo (snore sounds). I hope she doesn’t read this, I bet the other bestie (I had 4) will, and think it’s about her haha snap.

In ten days my blog is FOURTEEN. Intensity.

And don’t forget about that Lifetime achievement Award that I fit into conversation at least once daily. IRLY.

And don’t forget the humble LIFE nom brag. This is where you say I wouldn’t mind winning that one, and yeah that’d be great but for reals I want the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD cos I (Danny Glover voice) TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT. gahah. No really, I am dedicated to blogging, to you guys, my little Raymis day in and out life changes and so many of those you have always been there, has always been there, for me it is my breath of fresh air. xo

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  1. Happy 14th!…now, I’m just waiting for the movie version :) I always enjoy dropping in and seeing what’s new with you! You’re my fave blogsterette!!! Hope you get a chance to visit, (I’ve still got your bday present!!!)

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