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that was cool back when i did it

I super wanted these flamingo peach pink ear muffs but I’d never wear them, but I wanted them just in case I need to wear them. Do you have irrational clothing thoughts/instances like that ever?

I went with this fun mix-up of Anna Sui perfumes, the purple one I tried in store and it’s lovely. As for the rest fingers crossed. I maxed out all my potions so it was time to replace plus I’ll probably give one to my niece.

Between scent sampling you sniff coffee beans to neutralize the ol olfactories there gov’na. Crazy neat.

Rocky is a food cat. If you are eating food, he is there. We checked out some Keeping up with the Kardashians – btw you should prob just shorten that to “The Kardashians” just saying as a profesh copywriter and all ;).

I want to get the office hooked on this and I know how to introduce it. Am eating it all day long today btw, and this time no shrimp. It’s just as amaze as Spadina Gardens. I’ve never encountered a place to get it right like Spadina G before ever.

I did not feel up to making decisions today, so I didn’t get the hat although grey beanies are my thing. It’s 3 for 10 or something like that, I’ll save those brain busters for tomorrow when I go out for more work attire. Today I jut wanted fun. The poncho is fun work casual or for if I go on a tequila bender. Aiiiiiieee papi!

Once I slipped into my hipster Mr. Rogers cardigan I got late night narcissitical. Sorry. You have to as a way to overcompensate for whatever thing I was insecure about at the time.

Formal Friday. Shut up. Hee. I have no idea how I am going to top it next week.

A work homie said I dressed like a geek the other day I was like WHAT!? Then they said they were shocked. AHAHHA this is not the offending outfit and I was like dude I have to dress like a geek then someone else backed me on the nerd front and was like yeah it’s cool to dress like a nerd, it’s good, it’s good to dress like one. See I get it. It’s like playing life dress up everyday, no wait, actually is playing life dress up. I like it. Expressing yourself creatively as a creative is manditory in the being awesome department as well as not stunting the creative flow, or process.

This will be over soon. I take pictures for my bf. Yes, lame ones.

But my hair is getting longer and you know that’s like in the top 3 of the most important things in my life neighbourhood so you know I am liking that.

I almost got a leopard print watch even bigger than this one but thought that was too insane, I’ll stick to the mellower loud and neon peach one instead, yeah much more subtle.

The price point is no different betwixt shoppers and the bay so hit the bay this time plus they didn’t have what I bought at The Bay at Shoppers. At shoppers my makeup was on sale. I bought 4 tubes. Ultra discount. Usually that means they’re phasing it out which worries me.

And here I am as a sweet dork. Peace no probs.

5 thoughts on “that was cool back when i did it

  1. one summer i tried to make overalls come back, and i bought them “just in case i needed them”, and i never did! Also your poncho…. concerns me. But agree with life and dress as performance art thing.

  2. it concerns me too in that they didn’t reduce it to 50% off on my bill and now I have to go back today. It looks fab though, mom wanted one for herself.

  3. I recently bought myself hot pink furry ear muffs with “I MISS SUMMER” written across the head band and I LOVE THEM. Ponchos are rad. Yay for landing a job! :)

  4. I was going to wear my poncho tomorrow and explain it was poncho Tuesday “you didn’t know?” but im trying to pare down my personality as much as possible which is impossible. show me your ear muffs!

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