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a cold sweat hot headed believer

Hi, s’up. How’s your deal? Dealt? Sweet.

My laptop comes back Wednesday so I don’t have anything novel in the photo dept. til then other than cell phone business, aka already been on instagram before. It’s not always about the pics though is it? Plus bbery blog post pics were my jam before anyway.

I do have some amazing bath water dyed dark pink photos though from my first wash after hair dying soak, while reading my Go Gos Belinda Carlisle biopic trainwreck book. Those pics may be TMI now that I’m all corporate.

Which is a dope dream job btw. I just go spouting ideas and thinking, this is flying, I can do this, heads are nodding. Seriously it’s a trip. Monday I join another team and we have a welcome lunch for me. Brap brap.

What else can I tell you. Just maxin’ and relaxin’ keepin’er chill trying not to overdo it, can’t do much else anyway as my laptop was toasted. Miss bf blah bla. I sang the other night again with the band, Could I go out on a limb in saying I’m casually almost in a band in that I just walk up and sing a few jams with them once a week? When I’m single (solo, not single but out alone) I kind of act ridiculous. It’s like a my other half is missing wild side acting out sort of thing. I hate it. It’s engulfing, an LD. (long distance relayshe)

Rocky could be a cat model people were all about this on instagram. It’s bad when your cat gets more likes than you WTFFFFFF. just kidding I will do nothing but support the hopefully fruitful cat webrity thing we have been building here since I was 19 years old the first day I met Rocky. Rocky talks to bf on Skype. They have a thing. Deal with it.

Quebec City is always gorgeous. It’s a dreamland. It’s the closest to Paris you get. Being in love there is also fun too.

These live beneath my workstation now. Finding my dress-up biz casual groove. Fridays they’re trying to make a formal Fridays thing happen. I’m going to wear my equestrian Smythe blazer because it’s SUPER LOUD and join in. I heard someone wore a three piece suit. Ha. Everyone else wears more casual gear on Fridays so that’s why it’s funny. I need a top hat. This post is a grower not a shower BRB. Bro and company dropped in, monkey wrench up in ma shit. Peace.

8 thoughts on “a cold sweat hot headed believer

  1. you can show the pink tub pics. being you is why you got hired. chh like i know. thanks, Saturday night complete now ahaha.

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