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Chill your face

Hi fartburgers, sorry I’ve been MIA but as you know shit happens (to me) and my laptop is still under repair blabbity blah I’ve been busy.

Checking in to say everything is cool and hopefully I’ll have some stellar news for you really quick. Just gotta do a wee bit more dazzling first.

Life is neat I guess. See how my hair turned out darker than what I was planning for. I wanted to do a super redhead/orange thing but I’m going to hold off on that tone for a bit, we will see. It’s striking on certain women, who are striking to begin with what?

We are going crazy with missing each other, it’s getting harder like a merry go round of feelings you can’t get off til about Christmas. This is his favourite breakfast sandwich from Germany.

The guy beside me is driving me mental as well. He keeps swaying and twisting his chair and cooing into the monitor, laughing, LOUDLY, staring at me he’s basically givin’er to something and it’s all right in my line of view. I guess I will kind of miss writing about library people, yeah like a hole in the head.

Fans of ours. I say no more.

I must remember to put the pair on the right before going in there today or I’m going to waltz right in wearing my black keds which I suppose wouldn’t matter but first impressions and all, you give them the best from the gates before you transition to casual.

We had the rudest customer service at one of our regular haunts on the w/e, mom and I and wow the manager was a total scumbag, condescending and came at us on the defense super intense. Wow bro. In another world where I had time or cared I would make you have a majorly bad day for that one. The thing is I was majorly calm and diplomatic, and he became increasingly volatile about this salad that we did not like which was being taken off the menu anyhow (HA!) so like, relax maybe. Sorry you’re about as tall as me sitting down but please stop steaming in my face.

Alright I have to run through my shit now. Have a great one. -The big RL.

3 thoughts on “Chill your face

  1. what is on that sandwich? looks like psoriasis…. tastes like eggs? also your hair colour is CIBC corporate seriousness with a millimeter of approaching brainstorm. b-RAYMi-STorm, more like it right RIGHTTTT?

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