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If you lived here you’d be home by now

It was super foggy out last night so it was a little difficult capturing all the cray in its true essence glory and splendor. I feel like the owner of this house would really enjoy watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre, like every remake. Just a hunch. Have a nice lunch!



I’m getting full uniforms, in every size. Being me rules sometimes. Does this mean I can just walk in to any hooters pick up a pitcher and pour it in to my mouth? YES. Try and stop me. Take orders for tables and ahh I’m going to have fun with this. I even get the shoes and the weird socks and panty hose too. If you have not been paying close attention then you won’t know that in life all weird things lead to even stranger things so just roll with it and say yes when someone offers to print your brand name on their brand name.

One more thing, wanna come to this with us Feb 12?

Leave a vomment and you’ll be in the running for a pair of tickets. Last year’s event was a wild success. It’s a great opportunity to network, agency schmooze and champagne booze.

Now hump day it upppp buttercup.

Ah gad just wait’ll you see what I ate last night.

The diet starts today. And I feel like I’m getting sick again. This winter, I tell you.

7 thoughts on “If you lived here you’d be home by now

  1. I lived on that street like 6 years ago. That house is owned by this couple who have a 20 something year old son with autism or something similar and he puts all those toys and dolls up. The couple were super nice neighbours who always chatted with me every time I walked by. I know it looks crazy but they’re just awesome parents who want their son to be happy and let him do that to their front yard. The mom makes awesome samosas too :)

  2. Malcolm Gladwell said it takes 10,000 hours (along with constant feedback) to master a skill or discipline. I’ve been realizing lately you’ve certainly mastered this discipline, whatever one might call it… being Raymi, perhaps :) Always a treat to read your posts!

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