There is a face in my mind that I can face again

I must have been on tv again last night. Or, I must have done the right thing, person, or place. I just gotta vibe like more people be creepin’ they call it stats. Numbers don’t lie. But actually I know exactly why and it’s kind of embarrassing to figure it out after the fact but still amusing all the same and by golly I do enjoy watchin’ them numbers climb. Blogging is a sickness worse than junk I’d say.

There is a saying or a quote, I can’t verbatim it because I can’t remember it exactly and it is buried on a sticker stuck to my longboard but in any event it’s basically like the shortest line to success is a line of blow with the right person? Yeah. I think a line of blow with any person is the wrong person because that stuff is poison BUT there is merit to the meaning.

Just hanging out and exchanging ideas with someone, anyone, is helpful. I realize I have been very isolated lately and I totally lost who I was and that shit stops now. I am a pent-up angry f–ing Raymiac. Seriously. I have wasted almost half of my life caring what other people think of me. I care what you guys think ha! Can you actually believe it? Waste. of. time. No offense. Like if I want to make an amusing dark and exciting remark about blow, goddammit I will. it doesn’t mean I do it I shouldn’t care if it makes it look like I do, it’s just commentary.

Other than that I have felt like a specimen for/of ridicule for a very long time even though I know in my soul I’m legit I still have a nagging but what are they going to think or say deer tick bite feeling thanks to the stupid pukes what make up the majority of the internet.

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thuper fanz

ARE hipsters dead? And why am I posing like that? I shall be exploring the former question a little bit. That is my plan. This was my xmas party dinner outfit from a week ago about. Girls, well women really, complimented it periodically throughout the night. Sometimes a new unfamiliar dress can make you derail off your a-game plus the pantyhose and the new un-worked shoes plus three course meal stomach.

Not me though, as previously mentioned, I Pantsed it up.

And I ate a dinosaur so good thing I had my Danny Devito suspenders on too like an eating-jumpsuit. #Winning.

OH I have instagram now did you know? I need a new phone to actually use it though. Thanks for the screen shot bro.

I have my own photo filter format called food that I eat grease covering the lens, positively spell-binding.

I just remembered all the hot sauce I drank last night. Yes. Suicide at that. If I’m not going to commit it for real I may as well devour it. #tastelessjokes #Forevs.

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Low-commitment sitcoms

Where was we now? This winter’s been a bit messy and it hasn’t even really started snowing yet.

Went to the soft launch of Skin n Bones which is ironic cos when you eat there it will not make you so.

I’ve been eating a lot of steak tartar lately and burrata.

I love Manhattans. You get to transport your mind in to a 50’s Superman kind of dude. In a sharp blue suit. Instead of the lushface rummy ya might be.

Quail eggs and blow. Awesome. Just joshing. It’s dry sugar I forgetsies I’d have to ask my date.

Chicken bites and foie gras. My heart attack is having a heart attack brb.

I cannot play poker to save my life but I can pretend.

I have to fight to get my way in that of the thin crust philly cheesesteak pizza. #icantquityou.

File that under hell yes.

B-roll for Playboy stalking to you boys.

I am completely out of red lipstick. It is my thing. Until my hair grows long and cray.

I look like beauty and the beast Disney characterish here no? SHut up I don’t care I’ll turn off vomments if I have to lol.

Miss Peabody get a new shirt holy right?


AHahahahahhaha sorry soap opera Dynasty called and said holla.

Annie Hall revival.

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These boots were made for stalking

Tuesday I texted Princess LoLo, “Bored. Movie?” Which resulted in 48 hours of adventures. Best time. We saw Flight and it’s amazing I might “review it” like I used to, spoilers and all before I forget the details. It’s basically one long anti-boozing campaign that makes you wanna drink like a fish and then beat yourself up about it. See my new boots? They are basically all I can think about now. Lo wanted to find over-the-knee black suede boots but you can’t find them in Cana-duh, or if you can they be steep mang. So we both got a pair for vurry vurry cheap in Buffalo and now your girl is a woman soon.

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