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until you have it all you won’t be free

Our little kingdom (Moonrise, moonrise!) for 24 hours. It was a scene.

I don’t get drunk. I get awesome. Well then folks, I WAS THE MOST AWESOME EVER! I wore this dress cos my Jackie O woulda been a Jackie No based on my blotation comfort zone.

Dinner at Ki was delish, and quick. We were on a time budj. My first time at Ki actually. I’ve heard the stories so, no need mes amis I get it.

Thanks Stoli!

Getting ready in the room.

It was an interesting show. What did you think Bechnique? (She went to the second night).

Big-ups to Steve’s shirt.

We discovered an envelope slipped beneath the door of our room after real sports (food after the concert, amazing wings).

We did not last to the end of that movie (Dark Shadows) and this is at Le Germain, Hotel Le Germain? I dunno. We had a grand time. I always struggle with 24H time-telling.

We made fun of that Honey I shrunk the Kids ant leg pillow, what is it? Multi-purpose and scary! Your head does not sink in to it no matter how long you wait. Yes it looks like beads. It keeps you upright when the movie is on. It’s for night owls. Stop staring at my bruise.

And the guy doing the never-ending crunch portrait on the wall…? HAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHA

Having a crashpad right beside the concert venue is super fun. More costume changes made possible. Going down for a smoke, walking around a very convenient small circle for 24 hours it was just too indulgent.

Hi everyone.

Taking it all in.

“It was controversial” you know, same scene she’s always doing. I didn’t enjoy the gun thing. Like at all. There is a lot of it. Which then means Madonna is successful in her “controversy” but actually, not at all. I found it really stupid (pointless, distracting and confusing) and angering considering the bloodbath what was the summer of 2012. Instead of being focused on the music I wasn’t sure yet was any good, I was confused thinking about all these gun shots. Shooting at the crowd, dancers in the head, really Madonna? I’m a fan but I didn’t pay for those $350 tickets (a piece!) and i just know that the quiet little potatoes waiting since 8 for you to go on after ten, when did she finally start again? You pulled an Axl Rose. they stop serving drinks by the time you played, him too. he was worse though didn’t start til midnight. Anywho, the tough as balls hard thing is not your bag Madonna. You don’t have to keep changing your bag ALL THE TIME. Remember Music? However many things ago that was? That was awesome. So is Confessions from a dancefloor. Can you stop at the gangster thing though thanks? It was too aggro and intense, there is enough of that in the world already and I don’t like the thug gun thing message with a sprinkle of religion thing plus free pussy? Okay that was about Pussy Riot so, cool there.

Got a Lisa Loeb thing going on a little.

I am going to find myself a pair of retro p0rn star shades too.

It was a nice lie in the sun. I enjoyed studying the other hotel guests. Everyone looked unhappy, boring, worky. Maybe I was jealous. It was definitely the last day of summer so maybe I was sad. Today, is much worse.

That was baller. She can play too.

Sheepdogs Saturday. Hope VIP comes through (hook it up if you can you know who you are!) before then. Eugh, general admish. *wipes arm off disgustedly*.

Coal Miner’s Daughter lurked us in Mirvish. @raymitheminx we effing love @blackmilktweets leggings. Saw you in #Mirvishvillage earlier and totally wanted to pinch yer bum. Cheeky. Hiya!

Ah doye. Steve wants to put stickers on that like Zoey Deschanel has in that one movie.

Steve was after a tee for tomorrow. Look it’s the other kini version of my iron fist monster one. Sigh, summer went by like that.

I am going to eat that very soon.

I had a banana problem once. Too much potassium. Will I be like a bomb then I asked my doctor? Haha.

3 thoughts on “until you have it all you won’t be free

  1. Everything you said about the gun shtick? I’m with you.
    Maybe we’re too Canadian to get why the gangsta shit is supposed to be cool. Either way, it’s in poor taste. Maybe she’s sponsored by the NRA? Leave it on the other side of the border, Madgeface,

  2. What an awesome experience! Thank u Stoli and thanks baby for taking me and spoiling us :) I always have fun when we are together and this was bawwwwling hard :) xo

  3. There was more to the show than that but it kept going back to guns to the head. Unnecessary. Steve remember the wizards stopped us from texting.

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