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I’m a bloggy girl in a party world

So Tuesday nights are for CUBE-ing. Rooftop Partio fashion show, feel me now? I and my homies get to be the guests of (dis)honour cos my BE-F does the hair for the models. Sometimes they are boy, and sometimes they are girl models. Not many summer nights left so that’s where I’ll be erry Tuesday if you want to join in on the shenans and you’re in my crew, you let me know I ain’ts got time to track all your asses down. My nail run is pretty good btw. Hope I don’t jinx it.

Everyone loves my purse, I get bored of things quick so I’m always pleasantly surprised when it gets a compliment. Best 4 dollars ever spent.

Raymbecca is hanging with Craig now which is great because they are both the most stubborn people ever it makes full sense AND they are both close friends of mine PLUS I get to take credit for them meeting, dynamite boom you’re welcome. I told her we are in a couple’s-off cos she has all these dorky photos of Craig on her FB like him throwing a rock in to a lake at sunset agahahaha Me and Steve are fully gay so I don’t care how angery this post gets them.

I look like shit here he does not so I will be a nice homeboy and blog it anyway. I was MENSTRUATING through my goddamn face it looks like. I might draw a rabbit head over my head probably remind me. All I know is he is smoking hot and aww yeah buddy!

Dear Frankie, your lingerie is to die for. Get all over my body asap. Help me pick out some pieces Little Raymesies.

Wanted to take Booboodoodoo out on the town, fancy town. She’s a Rosedale girl anyway so these are her people. She delighted the entire rooftop we are very proud of her. She’s just our little Jules, she gets some good burns in on ol Auntie Raymbo though. Can you guys please flipping tell me what night to book off for her party so I can arrange a pisnatchio cheesecake pick-up too GOD HOLY HELL WHY DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING.

I was still in a bit of a pissed off mood from the day and my peer-E-ood. Some of the models had a bit too much of a cocky swagger, attitude, we could smell it to high hell.

Sweet bods though. Tone down the hot shit vibe please, that goes to everyone up there on that patio. Say it with me now: h-u-m-i-l-i-t-y.

That dress would look amazeballs on me. Bech and I tried to see between her legs when she was in this teeny thong but an annoying guy was right in our way blocking it, I have a video of Rebecca yelling at him I think. He never moved, was too drunk to hear us. We stand behind the couches and go through drank tix like cray VIPLEASE cool stories that we are.

Jules’ face matches my shirt. ADORABLAH! To be 20 (not for long sucka!)

Rebecca has to learn how to use my camera when we are up there and get a photo of me ALL OF ME. Maybe colleague wants to come some night?

Anyway until that day, bathroom pics it is. It really bothers me if I organize the night and I don’t get any nice pictures of myself. #DIVA.


I love Cube nights! Jesse is going to do my makeup sometime.

Juju’s fan club, that guy must have wicked shots of you girl bro. My final warning after Steve was going to have them thrown out was doing the neck slicing gesture at the beardy amigo. I stopped Steve from kicking them out though, they’re lucky, they’ll never even know. You’re welcome.

Jules Venus That handrail was my jungle gym apparently We gave those rich mean girls a show.

Pat charley horse

Tristan You look like you are in the process of falling down unconscious from drink lol. But doing so with class. I’m clumsy

Jules Venus i dont dance, i hover. AHAHah vJules you look like you were posssessed by zeul in ghostbusters lots of s lots of ass

Jesse Untag me horrid pic lol like what am I doing where are the ones from the washroom !

Robin lol you are your mom’s daughter lol Lol go on robin

Glam attack lipstick girl! Nice.

Steve is turning in to me lol.

You better be pointing at me and not your shirt. That’s Evens photobombing us. Third time now. Another one in this post too I believe.

Steve has fans too. This guy was happy for us and I said okay copy my pose, he did and the cuteness spreads.

I picked her up in my arms like a little bear and put her on the catwalk, it was a smooth move. We are certainly a spectacle on the dance floor. Life is about fun.

The mean girls back there photobombed our pics by Evens you’ll see when I get to them. COOL STORY, where were all the dudes you were hanging with? Oh right.

Steve had him play Kid Cudi when I walked in da club. Party attack! It was like Come on DOWN if Price is Right went hipster. Good entrance, thanks bro.

Fun-ny times. Like always.

Iron Fist retweeted this one. They love me.

He found these specs I’m wearing and I was like F T those are MINE. They looked super good on him which is why so he settled for those boy ones instead. Glasses collection is getting out of control. If I showed up in my Black Keys shirt everyone would barf so I didn’t but I still get to wear it out yet so YAY.

Time to go.

Heart melting.

Olympic legs.

Your hair ruled dude.

Then we did the unthinkable and got film loaded without a domestic this time. Drunk kitchen shenans passed your bed time are just too irresistible especially when it’s like PeeWee’s magic pony playhouse in this love shack. Also when one has to know what the other is up to 24/7 and then enables whatever that stupid project is but things seem to be working out and got a little bit of the Midas touch at the moment so we roll with it.

I wore this to work yesterday. I ate a pizza sub in it.

I wanted to look less flat so I made that happen.

There we go now.

Pretty party! Nice photobomb, stupid. Jules is way prettier than you. PEACE.

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  1. Awwwww, your so cute Raymikins…I love you boobiedoobie but we met through my falcon picture. It just so happened we were mutual friends….but I like your story too. xoxoxoxoxo

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