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good idea jeans

Tomorrow I’m filming with a show called Turn on Toronto. It’s a web series starring all kinds of people who I guess essentially turn on Toronto. I better practice my zippy comebacks. Or study Gaga’s interview style haha right isn’t she all bananas? Throw a bit-a Courtney Love on it to boot. Show them my nickel collection? Amazing shit! Can’t wait to blow it. j/k.

If we’re going to be laying around I may as well do push ups I mean, I just may. I have to be in turbo babe shape by second week of May. They (MTV) were like be sure to keep tweeting so if I act extra retarded now you know why. This is good timing for my new don’t give a care outlook on things.

Bringing our old rug over stat. The floor is pretty clean though.

This was one of my signature webcam model poses. Works see.

I don’t remember this. Well I do but I don’t remember how it started happening or who’s brainiac idea it was.

But I enjoy everything that is going on here.

Countdown to threesome!

Oh hi guys what’s going on.

I can’t wait til I am tanned. Though the pale is matching my pastel pants tone. I said I was wearing baby colours before I headed over and that I represented boy and girl.

This reminds me of Annie. When girls don’t get adopted!

Rebecca seen here is modelling a shirt by 3F Fashions jajaja. I mean, she brought me a rock back from New York City I had to reciprocate. Are you going to make Sergio a salad with those tomatoes I hope ew hahaha.

Another minx bites the dust. How was work today Rebeccablah? Wah woh. More parties tonight but I don’t want to look like this O_O tomorrow so I will gradually turn in to a cushion on le couch and continue watching lost and eating my chicken shawarma like a good girl.

Miss you like a hole in the head! Take care now, bye bye then.

ps. you can still leave comments you just have to click the post title to open the comment box. There eventually will be a vomments button below each post for the stupid people. Kay bye Caturday Saturday.

8 thoughts on “good idea jeans

  1. BHAHAHAHAHA! That’s me yell laughing…It’s like the bed is our spaceship to retarded town…Next stop is stupidville. That’s crayzy stupid funny!

  2. I wish more of my nights consisted of tit groping and tomato eating. Sweet video to hi hi hi bye night night where the hell was I? caught in a tomato crayskull vortex, no doubt. jajaja

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