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Behind the Creeps scenes with my mom

Here’s my clip! Ps. I win!

watch the final decision here. My mom’s profile is now up oh shit.

There’s eleven minutes of this!

I have no idea what is said or goes down so, let me know the highlights I got shit to do haha. Oh mom.

Should have brought two bottles of champagne.

This has been on my fridge for weeeeeks.

Wore my Valentine K sweater!

My summary about the next episode of Creeps is, my mom was shocked by how calm I was because normally I am screaming and swearing at her (she winds me up) but I was like mom, it’s scripted, we take turns, tv shows have organization behind them despite how messy they can sometimes appear. Also they talk in your ear to try to get you to goad the contestant, it’s funny, and I tried to be a talk hog as much as I could but I also felt like I got my moment on the last episode. My mom wishes she was feistier, I think she stands her ground pretty firm and looks hot too. It’ll be a fun show to watch and cringe. Hoping to get our clips for my blob for everyone to see.

back with more of this very soon!

19 thoughts on “Behind the Creeps scenes with my mom

  1. Yes, If I understood what the nature of Creeps was, I would definitely have been feistier!

    ok now watch

    I’m going to make a comment about TH and it won’t post

  2. Saw the clip…you kicked butt. If you ever get tired of being a media sensation, you could become a lawyer. ;-)

  3. Tommy is like a Polish Situation from the Shore

    that motto they used on my profile is from two quarreling girls who were on the Bachelor.

    Boy MTV doesn’t miss a trick.

  4. when you win you become one the following week. i creep my mom next! you’re in the states so you haven’t seen the final decision clip yet, im getting to it for ya.

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