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if you’re offended GOOD

That flannel was the best purchase idea. 69 vintage the week I moved into Adventurehouse. Keep it styling and layered in the cold. Also check our dope smiles.

I am owning the bucket list right now.

This poster Sean made is brilliant now I’ll tell ya more about HARTH FEST (OCT 26-99 SUDBURY 7PM) a little later (or you could just investigate on your own). Turns out I am “doing too much” and confusing friends and the universe. Sorry I don’t do just one thing, eventually you’ll all catch up and know that I am always doing something and you’ll figure it out. Oh I just remembered last night a guy beneath the Dufferin bridge said RAYMI THE MINX! at me and YOU’RE AWESOME! Thanks buddy! I think I am turning into that little british accent guy you see at shows all the time with the pube ‘stach, he’s hilarious. I am spacing on what his name is though but anyway, today I dressed like a freak again and it was a success. Again.

I was late for my nirvana tribute and totally bo jangles nervous about it and rob backtracked me to dufferin cos that drum band was pounding away (awesomely so might I add) at gladstone. My little moment with the film crew felt like Mr. Dressup AFTERDARK. Heehee.

I don’t have a voice anymore today. Well I do and it’s a cross between Lindsay Lohan and ScarJo. I tried to make Lilo my friend (she actually stared at me once IRL) but now that she has gotten a dose of humble pie realness maybe she is ready to be on team Raymi. She can teach us how to strip?

And before we move on here’s a better official Casby’s recap, Britt did a very good job as did my Camera crew. Look out for more RTM TV soon. for brand placement/sponsorship.

And now without further ado, a brief history of rebellion.

It was such a classic high school teen angsty setting. Pure brilliance that.

Dying to see footage from the front row perspective. Hook it up media peeps please.

Chicks came up to me and were like wow. WOW! You’re like a Courtney Kurt BAM! I said yeah and the cheerleaders too. A modern twist. These are stills from the second performance. I didn’t wear the bear suit for it.

The band didn’t know what hit ‘em. Or did. Whatever right.

Reading my notes with my bear paw gloves on. Mind blanked. Was shaking. What is the capacity of that theatre? teacher is saying 3-400 people in attendance for my set, maybe 2, either way it was nerve-rackingly blissful to look out to all those people. I just say yes to everything these days and do it. I face my fears, I think haters don’t do that so it’s like a double diss to see me do? The thing is, I want joiners, I’m NOT alienating anybody here, there must be a disconnect. I should have filmed a monthly hello how are you vlog years ago.

I look hilarious.

Packaging is everything. I can be pretty on the inside all I want but I don’t sing like Susan Boyle so I gotta shine it up a tad. Think of your looks to talent ratio like a seesaw, react/act accordingly. Im not a rocket scientist or anything but it seems pretty straight forward.

How could I say no to this?

Check the smile on that guy’s face. they had their little Kurt happening. I’m glad I could do that for them. Blaha.

I was pretty smooth on the head banging moments and air drumming.

And the other Kurt guy waiting in the wings there. I felt sorry for everyone who had to follow my “performance” “art”.

Lots of punk kicking like so. I pulled out the punk show 101 arsenal. Bit-a skunking too.

OK you get the point. Here’s 15 pictures of the same scene with me jumping around.

On my way in to the Toronto Underground Cinema.

Not everyone is as good with mystery camera as I am.

I yelled out to a crowd of hipsters GOOD NEWS EVERYONE I JUST FOUND THE TREASURE MAP OF NUIT BLANCHE IT’S OK NOW EVERYONE CAN RELAX. Every time I said something ridiculous I’d beat it out of there before the punchline sunk in then several yards away, raucous laughter. Practising comedy at every juncture.

The weirdest thing about Nuit Blanche is all the people doing normal things, what weirdos! That guy is eating in a restaurant, look. How bizarre. You know?

Speed art critique. Funny. Only in that it is a negativity set-up. Pompous.

That guy was playing a flute with a helmet on and weird rainbow hair. I danced into this street dance circle BUT first accidentally stepped on an empty plastic cup which made a LOUD crackling scrape so my bear suit entrance was enhanced in the most stupid of ways. UGH.

Neat cars everywhere. Elite eccentrics too. Love that.

it’s really annoying that someone was shot and killed here last night in Bellwoods. There was so much joy and fun and creativity. Come on people knock it off. Having to be afraid when out on an art crawl, the point being carefree abandon and then having a fear in the back of your mind that some idiot might lose their cool, sigh.

Hey oh noes is that my brother you are wearing?

I teddy bear danced myself on in. Everyone went I love your hat then realized it was a full outfit and then wanted to squeeze me haha. Interesting social experiment. People think you’re a super human and let their guard down, they open up, it’s wonderful really. I am a total hippie.

See anyone you know?

Swedes trying to figure out the art. It was a statement about how much water waste soft drink manufacturing facilities create. Then the hot dog guy got in to a discussion with me about how meat eaters waste more water cos the animals we eat drink water BAHAHHAHAHA. I was like dude really? Some of the resources on our planet are there to be used for what they’re meant to be used for ie. DRINKING. You’d think meat eaters were saving water by eating all the animals THAT ARE ALLEGEDLY DRINKING ALL THE WATER. All in all at Nuit Blanche no one cares about your statement (according to all the friends I ran in to whom all said the same thing about this installation) they just want to mosh in to it. Me? I care. Soft drinks bad now lets go get one!

I thought it was a secret hidden advertisement for Pepsi cos obvi that is how my mind works and now look, it is. I once DREAMED about one of those mini chubby cans of pepsi, it worked, I bought one the second I woke up.

That part was cool. The girl seemed a bit pissed her installation was kind of destroyed. We later bumped into a couple guys I know who said they were throwing each other in to it, taking a ladder away and leaning it against a tree haha pretty funny. What do you expect, it’s Nuit Blanche, once you put rules in art you destroy it and expose that it’s not about art at all it’s about control and being right.

He’s holding my card. Do you think he’ll remember any of this?

HUNGRY BEAR. I told all girls who came near that I wound eat them.

That’s a nice one. Wonder if she was in attendance.

Nice lashes night. See that mark on my arm, it’s a burn from the oven. There’ll be a MINX tat there soon to cover it up.

A note to self shot that I want to go and buy this.

Loved this. Toronto should go South Beach on the regular.

This was fun. OK NIGHT!

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  1. I should probably be concerned when reading your blog makes me want to go out and buy a fuzzy bear costume to wear around town right? Nah…..

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