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NUiT BLANCHE TONiGHT Let me crowd surf into your heart

get up on the mic if you want!

This is an amazing song I found on Stew’s hypem channel, it’s a remix of my favourite song on the list of songs. amazing. My earring drops out halfway through this, it’s funny. Not wearing that pair tonight! and then when I put the bullets on i yell EWOK. After zipping up costume and saying FULL BEAR. HA. ha.

Watch history go down TONIGHT. NUIT BLANCHE 186 SPADINA AVE. I think about 11 or so I’ll head over. It’s going to be redonkulous. F- UP and tokyo police club. Penny lane is out on the scenes again. It already made pitchfork and I heard it was sent to RollingStone too. WOW! TEEN SPIRIT! Come mosh with me. I’m wearing docs.

My new know it all bestie Kat wrote some stuff about brands and blogging and she lost this stare down big time.

Uploading an adorably stupid dancing bear video. Gettin’ pumped! So nervous. Don’t know any words. BARF!


My last insane rock performance in front of a packed film fest crowd at wrong bar. only one who sang. Gave’r with terry of fubar ya ya. I solved a crime too with my photo skills. I do it all, really, I do. Then I saw F-d up at wrong bar for nxne, it was crayzay. They are on the same bill tonight with me so I am scared. This is a punk show PREPARE THYSELF ACCORDINGLY.


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