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Hey sports fans, ready to see how you should live your life my way?


Next time colleague please remind me to shine it up a bit, I spaced on the fact that this is elitist commune mecca. Luckily I grabbed that scarf on my way out, Slob Chic, THAT’S what’s up now!

Under eye bags photo trick – show the eyes but cut off/obscure at moonbeams. I may flirt with the idea of a work shop for little raymis. My trade secrets. We will cover everything.

Is that a cabbage? I think so.

Mini elevated hills just covered in evergreens, I was annoyed colleague didn’t capture all of it. I am the director too here. I made a funny David Suzuki joke too, he’s gonna be at the picnic I’m going to next weekend, not next one but THE NEXT. I have a major (big) one for David Suzuki. Another national treasure. I waved my hand across all of the evergreens magically and proclaimed in mock-brickworks grounds tour guide speak NOW WHAT HAPPENED HERE WAS DAVID SUZUKI WAAAAVED HIS HAND ACROSS THE LANDS AND FORTH SPRUNG A MIGHTY FIELD OF NEW GROWTH. Gahahah It was a very fun day, I ended up scaling a Trojan horse for crying out loud.

I love bantering with merchants. I feel like you have to be a marginal amount of looney baloonies to rock it Gypsy-like in the open stall markets. Her sweaters were $48. Vintage. Look brand new, I was like, how did they survive! She’s like well, there are quilts in museums…good point (Colleague lets get the heck out of here before I buy one for my niece).

OMG we are doing the same facial expression. All women turn into the Shire if they’ve blue blood in ‘em. ACK!

Holy toledos. It’s warm even though it’s open. I know what I’m wearing to the gala. GUESS! GUESS! PLEASE! I am bursting at the seams I cannot keep secrets!

How do I manage to look like a platinum Ramone? It’s the nose right and the beatle face smile?

That’s my tomboy gait. The Fred Perry kids were like, that golf shirt looks amazing on you, not all girls can pull it off as it’s a men’s. I said that’s cos I have tomboy in my veins. Here I am sampling a weird white tomato thing. Tasted like a cherry, was called one in fact but then I realized it was TYPE of a tomato not a weird little snozzberry. I think she thought I was stupid or something.

The counsel meeting regarding game plan strategy about the party I imagine. I suggested army figurines and one of those Casino rakes for craps tables and push armies around. Someone remind me when EMPIRE RAYMI is built to do that at our team meetings and I will need art from Angelo to build a mini UN vibe.

We took off while the brick chicks worked so I could work the grounds and learn it.

Haha that kid back there. Kids are so monkies.

Lots of posing, lots of people watching, lots of lots of hangover hollywood, couples doing the thing, the Saturday afternoon thing.

I got five hours sleep. I forgot my brother and Linda were coming into town.

Southern Ontario WHAT WHAT! Doesn’t that make you think of African Lion Safari? No just me?

Those are all actual rivers, water is running through from actual rivers all leading to brickworks is that right? Ha Colleague is going to have a lot of copy cleaning up to do. Whatever man there are 200 photos here to work with. Hang tight. The Mayor may also be at this party. I don’t know if I am supposed to be saying this or not.

I liked the tropical rustic beauty. There is art all over Brickworks. They are 8 years old and work with the old, cross it with some new and voila, party central. Great to have a place like this just touching the city and Celebrity chefs everywhere abound too.

I found the tiniest cute thing in this Labyrinth playground. Oh so cute.

Speaking of wizards, don’t I look like one?

Bricks everywhere. Brick flowing rivers beneath bridges, I noticed. (so many clever things to notice).

Hippie heaven haven. It truly is like Wizard of Oz, see the flowing brick rivers in the distance?

Yo take a picture of this so I can make fun of it later. I actually really dig it.

Dude do something with all that wood, clean up that pile of wood! OK I KNOW! Arlene told me it’s a christmas tree. Cool. I picture it burning at burning man or at the cottage when you run out of firewood. We’ve burnt entire picnic tables. Then you wake up with no furniture and someone always gets a little grouchy about it. HA.

There’s a little pilgrim cowboys and indians style village for witches thing, I mean for your children to play on (it’s awesome dump them there then go shopping) on the other side and check out that gigantic purple daisy coming out of the wall. I swear I thought I was hallucinating throughout this tour but am glad there are pictures to show that I wasn’t and that I didn’t eat the Alice in Wonderland mushroom.

This leans at the exact angle of the leaning tower of Pisa.

Tiny humour is amazing. If Jackass can do it then I can too.

Doing this with a crowd and colleague, I am a happening.

Kids and people markings everywhere. Time pieces. I like.

ol Aunt Raymbo had a message for visiting folks from other planets too.

I’ll speed this up.

Always self-promote.

Yeah exactly.

I got those to piss off my brother (he had the same oxbloods) so I’ll wear them at Saturday’s 90’s reunion party to piss him off more, plus my Fred Perry shirt. I need to get suspenders. Going to be hype. I’ll get the whole town drinking the raymi kool-aid then throw a bash for them in Toronto sometime. Sometimes we have to go back to our peoples to find out who are. That is a Native proverb I just invented ahahaha. I set a goal for myself to force a joke beneath each photo I post in this blog feature in order to stay sharp on my comedy cos Ben Miner is going to help me prepare for my stand-up comedy debut. Fully serious. the more insane and terrifying and thrill-seeky the activity I engage in, the better the outcome of it. My body just started violently shaking when I started typing about stand-up.

It’s true.

To be Continued…

10 thoughts on “THE BRiCK CHiCKS!

  1. All Brickworks markets are good, but this one looks like the best ever – like they really spent a lot of time and money getting it together – and the atmosphere and camaraderie of those attending seems pretty huge. One can tell a lot from your pictures, you’re really becoming quite good at picking what to take, where, etc. Will we see a ‘Lauren White Photographic Studios’ one day?

  2. i would love raymi TV! I’m a little Raymi and would love to get some photos with you at the burlesque show and an autograph. Told you I’m a little raymi! Have an awesome day.

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