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Back to the dancing board.

Getting back into the swing of things, when a song comes on that can effectively clear my bad mood away, I celebrate that (I like gospel chanting Goth songs, this one has elements of all of that if I can picture myself running to it in slow motion crying in a torn gown, I’ma youtube raymi dance attack it). We will quickly be over this tune and then I’ll be the last man standing, overplaying and playing it forever in my Hello Kitty make believe fantasyland. Gonna go get minxed today! ps. since I started wearing heels on the regular, my calves have become super runs too much toned (like a 56 year old health freak who mountain climbs and hikes) and thighs overall, ripped.

Speaking of slow motion running, here’s that video Britt Directed of me two falls ago.

seventeen degrees in a november forest from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

I came up with this title because it was November and HOT. Perfect film day.

Look dad! This was out all week and I didn’t even know it. I like that I got attached to the blurb about this event which they probably learned about via me therefore MUST barnacle Raymi. VICTORY. Sitting on that motorcycle was the best idea I had all night, no, one of the top ten best ideas I had right behind photobombing EVERYONE.

After reading the piece on Layton yesterday at Watusi, well, during reading it, as I bawled my eyes out all over the grid, I made a decision about caring more about more important things other than my hair and how many swarovski rings are on my fingers and I thought hmm, maybe I should go into politics. I mean, I already have a cult following, I ride a bike, I care about women and equality. I don’t pose to know every little thing about every little issue but that’s where my Dick Cheney would come in. We know I have a nice face that will age well-ish enough (thanks mom!)(french blooood) and ok back to Jack. No wait he gets his own post. RIP JACK XOXO I love Olivia too, I partied with her when I was 16 but now that I am more famous I can’t spill skeletons anymore. She came to my (older) ex bf’s apartment for the annual tropical drink making contest, one of his roommates went to Mcgill or Uof T I dunno, they were all older, it was the Annex, it was normal for adults to live together like that I guess back when a 29 year old was a real adult not like today and how I am infantilized (both by self and other surrounding enablers) one year shy of 29 and I do not at all relate to who those guys were back when we hung out, next year I will be the same age a them, blows my mind. I was secretly 16, posing as an 18 year old to some or a 20 year old. Everyone bought it. Then Olivia Chow shows up, relevant, in an undercover cop posing as an urban youth type get-up, v politician. I had no fucking clue who she was before this party. I clung to her just so I could share this story with you today. I know I seldom go political here because that’s for other people who “pay attention” and the only other recent time that I bothered to was seeing Jack Layton on TV not 4 months ago he didn’t look at all sick. Ok I am rambling now and will continue blathering at a later date. All I know is I doubt other candidates are as cool as those two. I saw a side to this woman, I felt her importance, her glow, and spirit. I wanted in.

That’s at Harvest Table in b-town. We caused a bit of a stir at brunch and by we I mean me and my insistence of making everyone around me think I am a movie star. Hey, we do what we can to make it through the day right. I love Burlington, it’s my Versailles.

My mother and Fairy Godmother are at a fat camp in Utah right now. Mom’s texting me updates. I wonder if she’s been yelled at Boot Camp drill sergeant styles yet? God help those trainers ahahhaa. She said these other women are all constipated. They started off eat bingeing and shopping in Vegas. Oh man.

Check all my Nella bags. Collector.

Stalking Marco. Lisa took this picture. Hi Lisa! I was hung out of my mind and sweating in my hangover jumpsuit, totally shaky, with burning elements of boiling risotto all around all the while networking my ass off and selling planet raymbo to anyone who will listen. I’ve had to store his signed cheese rotting apron in the crisper because of said smell.

Team Canada Ford Blogher babes Looking forward to bumping into these girls again at the She’s Connected Conference in September. I’m speaking at it. I found that out yesterday which reminds me I must write a bio and submit a photo, I knew I was invited before but I didn’t know Donna wanted me to speak I figured I’d just be used to hype and cool up the event and maybe just stand around being angry at everyone ahaha but no, I’ma Tom Cruise in Magnolia motivationally speak the shit outta it! Exciting.

Dad has been pestering me to put a photo up of his new Ric for weeks, like, you put up all those pictures of your mom and Dan Aykroyd and the mayor but none of my guitar. Dad, I am the editor here at the Dad Times. When I feel the news is relevant I will insert it. Sometimes the extra self-indulgent shots that are only interesting to a handful of people must wait on the back burner til I can cluster them in to a blackberry round-up of shots.

So long ONterrible and those Raybans. (gave them to stew).

How we drove to Quebec. I threw my white office girl button up in the car to put on when we made road stops. It was a scorcher. I love road trips.

Yellow Kitty polish I covered in graprefruit glimmer. Took it off by the time I went out cos I nicked it too many times. I hate this polish, it’s so trying to get on right but if done well, looks so cute. Dilemma. I don’t know how Paige has the patience for it. Patience Paige, run with it.

Speak of the devil.

No, that one.

While jamming my headdress on for my florence dance I crowned myself in such a way I turned into Marianne Faithful. Ah bless. Roots outta control 80’s style.

Happy Tuesday!

Don’t forget, if you’re around for the long weekend it’s a SO LONG SUMMER Jamboree! Starring ME. ME! And hopefully you too.

We’ll be screening nothing but summer movies all night long. My aunt also told me summer isn’t over officially for 3 WEEKS. Thank god. Then I’ll be whining about autumn. You know I will.

6 thoughts on “CULT MiNX

  1. I was thinking of your gay for fall post the other day and I wanted to read it again to get some fuzzy fall feelings. Thanks for linking to it, it makes me feel good.

  2. This is day two of boot camp in Utah. Yesterday we did a two hour hike in the mountains,a one hour aerobics in the pool,a gym circuit and a spin class, followed by another leisurely swim and a hot tub.
    Our daily intake of food is 1200 calories.

    Lois wasn’t use to hiking so I was yelling at her down to the mountain below me while she hiked with a guide. She was walking slowly like frankenstein with her arms out in front of her. Kind of like she was in bootcamp shock.

  3. Today we got to a body challenge at 8:00 and pilates at 9:00. Then we went on a different hike in the mountains and two and a half hours into the hike, Lois told them to screw off , she was heading back. Still walking like frankenstein.
    We came upon vultures,free range cows and rattlesnakes on this hike.
    After dinner we had a nutrition class and leisurely swim.

    Some gossip going on in this big house and “poo’s” are hard to come by

  4. Lovin that track, anychance of being linked to the mp3 – I feel like rocking the trip-hop again, go go magic portishead!! Great live band, however don’t go visiting the place – it’s a sore disappointment.

    Haha, that boot camp sounds funny – a house with seven bathrooms and only one poop.

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