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Ray-mi-eet Rob Ford. RAYMI ATE ROB FORD?

What do you think i am thinking here? best caption wins something. Look at my shit eating grin for one thing, my mom looks overwhelmed. She was probs eyeballing Dan Aykroyd. TAG TEAM.

hahahahha ahhh yes. if you’re greedy for more teasers from this night voila click for my post buried from a few days ago i blog too much. don’t stop til you’ve blogged enough sha-moan! psst. in the “if anybody cares” file here we have my twitter @raymitheminx follow me and lets talk shit all day long together.

this post is far too long to do on vacation so i look forward to rehashing the evening’s events first thing tomorrow moanin’ as by the time we get back today i’ll have scrambled brains from the carbage voyage.

the bobbsey twins are a great team.

mom your arms are so toned!

see you soon onterrible! missed ya.

older white dudes and harleys, like peanut butter and jelly.

oh it was brought.

and then there are my mom’s photos to blog as well. oh man. actual work.

and don’t forget our food(ie) crush on monsieur chris woods. i might have to drink a bottle of champagne to get through this one and remember precisely everything that went down. also, i like bubbles.

dan! call me!

13 thoughts on “Ray-mi-eet Rob Ford. RAYMI ATE ROB FORD?

  1. I just wanted to remind you that the photo of us in the theatre
    the reason you have that surprised look on your face is because the elderly centenarian lady behind me gave me a hard poke with her nails because she couldn’t see
    it wasn’t so much the poke that shocked me
    it was the “frightening widowed dagger looks could kill stare.”

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