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and now from the brainchild of youtube

i receive umpteens of handfuls and handfuls of the most `tarded comments on the daily via youtube. i let `em by, have no time fighting with the dumbest people ever only interested in circular arguments. the type of people who think the world is flat and taco bell is good for you.

lets begin:

I saw some of your other vids. didn’t realize you were so hot. So I guess good job on that? Just sayin’

-owenmatt: you’re a weirdo.

uh ok guess he`s backpeddling out of some stupid comment he left previously on a different video where my hotness was somehow mysteriously obscured. i get a lot of these WOW YOU`RE INSANE KILL YOURSELF then OH MY GOD U R TEH HOT PM ME. pfft.

here`s another:

aye baby girl! damn!!!! its been a long time since i had one dance for me acting herself! go girl!!!! CLICK P.S. is that Salvester in the back?


I have no problem with your interpretive dance


give me your number


no seriouly,…..shes shit


This chick is an attention whore. Who really thinks to themselves “You know, I bet people would really like to watch me dance to Modest Mouse. I think I’ll record it.” ? Seriously? 1STAR

(the video has been viewed 12,914 times)


I def take back what I said about u in the q-lazerus vid… U seem like a really cool girl *sorry*

yeah the goodbye horses video definitely takes the crazy pie for all mental comments go check for yourself if you`re bored.

38,148 views and people talk to me like i am still dancing IN that video like i haven`t moved on with my life since june 2008. GUYS IM DRINKING A PINA COLADA AND PARTYING ON A LATE SATURDAY AFTERNOON GIVE IT A REST.

ohh cool i`ve now lost the ability to make the AT sign happen so there goes 80% of why i`m on this fucking thing right now to begin with hahaha.

oh wait more big news i just figured out brackets again look <<<<<<>>>>>>> WIN GOLD (it would be nice if i could now figure out how to make quotation marks happen what is this the most foreignest of laptops everÉÉÉ THOSE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE QUESTION MARKS AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGH)


cool story russian spam.

update i have discovered this thing called num lock therefore we’re back in business also i am a num lock.

12 thoughts on “and now from the brainchild of youtube

  1. HAHAHH…you rule. Funny…”this vid has been viewed 12, 096 times”…haha.

    Maybe it was talking about Cid in the back??

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