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this blackout is serious shit

allison is on her way over to shower, another affected zone dwelling friend. yes yes come to my palace, bring coffee, oh and i’m low on shampoo and conditioner bring that too. people keep calling from the burbs to check on me i feel so bad for everyone else, apparently every street is packed with people walking, braving the cold. eerie.

i just had to skidster clean the shower for her while i showered, best time to do it.

my face has erupted in zits and the one on my neck that was slowly fading away, welp it’s got a new friend RIGHT BELOW IT. awesome. there’s a huge crater on my right cheek.

britt and i watched leatherheads last nite – let me save you the trouble – all it is is george clooney over-doing facial expressions for 2+ VERY SLOW hours and Renée Zellweger wrinkling up her face as tiny as it can go with lots of red lipstick on (ps i love her). some guy from the office is in it too. i think i laughed negative 4 times. the old timeyness was appreciated, everything else did not deliver.

i was just thinking about how i wanted to tan today so i won’t look like such a ghost tomorrow on the court but i think the salon i go to would probably be out of power, also, the idea of superbedding whilst people are freezing in their homes feels like the biggest prick move to pull at the moment. kind of hilarious in a way though.

we got matching tube socks for tomorrow, i’m going to draw a tiny star on one of my cheeks with black eyeliner and fill it in with pink blush, JEM kinda. also i’ll wear my ghetto adidas jersey for show between games.

fil got wallabies for 80 bucks, i hate him.

but there is hope for me cos they’re uk sizes, i’m a women’s 8 north american, so uk men’s that’s a 7, not a men’s 6 north american which is what i would need. yeah the math makes absolutely no sense to me either.

have you seen this thing yet?

13 thoughts on “this blackout is serious shit

  1. I love Rene too.

    There was a story in the news that some woman was cleaning her shower while she was in it but she was using some strong fumey cleaner and that combined with the steam caused her to pass out.

  2. I just watched transiberian with woody harrolson (sp?) on ROD last night. it was film festivally, it held my attention. I think Woody is an awesome actor. I wasn’t so keen on checking out leatherheads due to the reasons you pointed out.i liked your wee review on it. Also, why dont you like phils wallabies? they’re cool!im surprised a little you dont dig them. and WHERE did you find the reeses bar? I cant find reeses cups anywhere anymore. i use to like the ones that came in the yellow package that were crunchy and non existant now (in Barrie anyway) Also, awesome on the tubesocks!! and have fun! cant wait to see pix of some major dodge ball ass kickage.

  3. i said i hate HIM for getting them so cheap, i LOVE them and then i talk about how i need a specific size. pay attention ;) i’m the reason he got them too, my deals sleuthing.

  4. i got dressed under my covers this morning because it was so effing cold in my apartment. i also put on my makeup using a flashlight HAHAHA. sorry co-workers.

  5. Hi this is my first time posting but I’ve been following your blog for a while now!

    I didn’t even know there was a blackout! I feel pretty damn lucky right now, especially since I seem to be right on the edge of it. That Reese bar rocks my world, I only bought one cause it was 88 cents and didn’t think it would compare to the peanut butter cups…but holy shit it was way better. Thank God there isn’t a Wal-Mart really near me or I would be up in there buying them on the daily.

  6. I wasn’t entirely impressed with the Reese bar. From the package, it looks like BIG squares of delicious PB & C, but it’s like little Caramel pieces. Which you’d think maybe would make it last longer, but I ate the whole thing in like 2 minutes. Just like with women, I’d rather have 3 large cups.

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