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i love me, you love me, win win.

88% legs

pretend dance pose just for you.

uh sorry the xXx’s on bottles is my thing thanks.

guess who almost lost their face last nite? totally my own fault it’s ok.

freddy the monster.

i want to live in an old bank building!

didn’t stay long at baby huey cos it smelled like pee at the top of the stairs, i closed the door once and the bartender came to open it up again. ok point taken buh-bye. I LOVE HOT PISS STINK. have you ever been in the bathrooms of max fish, it’s like a hot sauna of urine so sick, well, it wasn’t as bad as that but it was reminiscent of it and i cannot imagine trying to dig around in a baggy through that. also the fat nerd slobs would not vacate the couch area and it annoyed me like, you left your couch at home to go sit on a couch in this “cool” bar and you are so fantastically lazy you can’t be bothered to remove your empties you have to put them up on our (teeny) table of jackets? you didnt have enough room around that huge couch you had to take up our only space too? rude, toronto, you are fat and you are rude and you are lazy and you are getting on my last nerve and you all have the same winter boots. oh relax, only most of you are annoying.

i told fil before we left that i was going to just sit on the arm rest of the couch out of spite, fil said no. i am going to start a band called FIL SAID NO and we will play songs about rules and regulations and limitations. we will have zero fans and make zero money and have zero hits. good idea? maybe if we were called FIL SAID YES we’d make it.

oh and we bumped into alicia and she was wearing a new jacket that looks like my leather one and she would not let me take our picture together cos she was coasting on an alternate plane of reality (had to beat it out of there)(even though i put on MY jacket and got out my camera to snap one off)(ew i know sorry).


siiiigh. this place is available too….

then i broke my self-enforced blacklist rule for karaoke at the fox and they had sent the karaoke host home cos it was dead (wasn’t) so we (i) inhaled nachos and played megatouch instead and now i am fat and depressed and still sick good day.

8 thoughts on “i love me, you love me, win win.

  1. so you lost some weight and now you use the word “fat” as an insult in every other sentence?? i’m really fat and i’m offended.

  2. i don’t know where you’ve been but i have been using the word fat for the last 25 years as much as possible and if YOU are fat that’s your issue, not mine, you’re reading the wrong blog. now that they’ve taken gay away from me fat is all i have, and garbage, and fuck. btw it wasn’t just “some” weight i lost, it was a lot and i worked hard at it after a long time of letting myself go, if others choose to be offended by my jokey use of the word fat well, sorry, get over it, don’t be so damn sensitive, do something about your own predicament instead of complaining on the internet to someone who is just taking the piss.

  3. Here, here Raymi!

    I too was fat and worked to be healthy and fit. To the hater, if you are fat and happy great, but if you are fat and sad, do something about it! You are the only one who can change things.

    And really, as a girl in my mid twenties, fat as a fun word to use is a HELL of a lot nicer than some of that racier mean shit out there.

    Keep on blogin’ and rocking out Raymi!

  4. i’m just screwing with you.
    but seriously, some people are rreally fat and reading your blog probably makes them sad cause they look at you and then think whoa i must be a fucking hideous whale if this girl constantly calls herself fat. get over it! you lost the weight so whatever, eat some nachos it wouldn’t kill you!

  5. Raymi, I love the Batman T, complete with a utility belt. You’d make a good Batgirl and an even better Catwoman ;-)

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