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a cucumber IS a fruit

Raymi Belts It Out At Teds from Phil Ogynist on Vimeo

i will give you one million billion dollars if you can decipher whatever the shit i am saying at the end of this masterpiece cos i have no clue.

i caught fil’s cold, and i am hung, great time last nite thank you all for braving the blizzard for my gizzard and now i think i am going to be violently ill.

oh and my entire body is sore from busting ten thousand moves.

remind me to tell you about the guy on ketamine.

oh look, we have officially been schooled, 48 seconds in is when it gets good.

i like the beer bottle on the floor by the couch.

15 thoughts on “a cucumber IS a fruit

  1. A cucumber is a fruit because it has the seeds on the inside. Technically, that makes tomatoes fruits as well. Did your blond friend ever get a date for the wedding in October?

  2. there is absolutely nothing to be depressed about, why would anyone stifle a child’s creativity and desire to express themselves? i danced like this along with the fly girls from in living colour and then i took jazz for several years. this video makes me happy.

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