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who were you after you were mine

didn’t wear this because it was too slutty and apparently we had both agreed on that it was GOOD slutty, then i walk back into the room and fil says you’re wearing that? i was actually glad cos it is so unsausageforgiving especially with tights, bad dinner dress, good dance slutty dress. thanks alicia.

stopped off at nancy’s cheese.

nice paper, what’s in the box?

CUCKOO! though i happily enabled gill‘s obsession further with a cellphone betty charm see:

i also overheard you’re getting a BB tattoo?

new sweater vest, he thinks he needs it in a bigger size and everyone is telling him NO he so doesn’t.

had/have this exact mouse ornament on our tree growing up.

this game has good potential, more than that gun game we could never figure out.

purse fetish, i had no idea gill.

mmmmm st. jorge cheese.

this looks familiar…

on to dinner at sidecar, prix fixe stretches to wednesdays, awesome. our waiter was v dramatic, i asked him if he was a poet.

goro pony i immediately took down after looking at this.

the salmon was great, my flash completely blocked it out so it has a nice shadow. don’t be pissed if you weren’t there this was totally last minute impromptu we were planning to eat alone then figured why not cos brad would be missing out on friday as well as gill.

sitting beside a radiator is not conducive to sweater vests.

they gave us a nice assortment of desserts.

blue cheese cheese cake sort of?

see how powerful the flash is anyway, this is the chocolate they make the mousse from, so rich in this form your face would explode.

yes how flattering, my shade of foundation was out of stock so for the next month or so i’m going to be orange oprah which is the perfect time of year for it too WINTER stand out much!? and oh yeah thanks (SARCASM) mom for convincing me to get the black cardigan in small instead of XS it’s fucking HUGE. i’m glad i didn’t listen to you for the grey one.

HAHAHA you can see RIGHT through my shirt holy tara reid moment.

don’t forget this is going on saturday nite, i have two unspoken for tickets and i am too lazy to make a contest so just email me and tell me why you should be allowed to party with fil and i saturday nite.

Saturday, December 20th, 2008
Windsor Arms Hotel, 18 St. Thomas St. [Bay & Bloor]
$20 advance tickets at OR
$30 at the door

25 thoughts on “who were you after you were mine

  1. you are looking fantastic these days. i forgot your blog moved so now I am in phase one of a RAYMI ATTACK. it’s 3:13 a.m. in Tokyo and this is what I’m doing.

    i love your tattoo. LOVE IT.

  2. The Cat(man) painting is friggin amazing…coming along awesome-ly. One of my favorites that I have seen!!
    The sweater vest does look great on Fil! Fits him perfectly! I think it is cute you call him Dinky!
    The picture of you sitting cross legged with a sweater (or something) sitting in your lap made me giggle…not sure why….
    This comment is all over the place but, Raymi, thanks for always being there to entertain me via the internet! So happy I found your blog!
    Peace and Happy Santa Season!

  3. Nancy from Nancy’s Cheese is on the trivia team I’m part of.

    She’s really good at 80s music trivia.

    I’ll tell her you linked to her!

  4. oh she knows i blogged about her before, tell her more importantly to give me a discount next time and explain how influential i am.

  5. i posted this on the busblog. it was really ment for use. raymi & fil u are a cute couple & is a blog of beautay….call it love or call it becoming a better person…best wishes for much happiness.

  6. i think maybe you should give us those tickets probably. but we have a couple parties to go to that night, can we come to that one for like 11 or something? midnight? how late does it go?

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