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so lets ogle her

bettie page died two years ago yesterday at the age of 85. i can’t say that she hasn’t been an inspiration for me in the past and still is somewhat, whatever, homages are cheesy SORRY. such a class act that lady was and so, i tip my metaphorical hat.

“modesty is for ugly people”

11 thoughts on “so lets ogle her

  1. I can’t see the pics on my bb but that last line is fucking golden. I should have that tattooed somewhere with you cited as the author in the byline

  2. aw bettie. beautiful bettie. so sad.
    i went to the bettie page store in vegas and it was amazing. i bought super high red heels. if you ever get a chance check it out. the clothing is all designed by the store owner. very cool.

  3. Pretty racy for the 50’s!
    OK NOW Raymi, your adoring public would like to see you in some of those same poses and/or outfits! Oh, come on!
    Well I bet you’d sooner do that than cut your bangs THAT short! bUt really- there are some striking similarities- and you can almost tell her sense of humor was almost as goofy as yours!
    Be at peace, Betti-
    And ‘m waitin’ fer them thar outfits on you! Well, minus the bondage, spanking and other kinkiness… is there a drink out there strong enough? Maybe Absinthe?

  4. oh bettie, heaven knows what an inspiration you are to me (and raymi and other folks). i wore your hairstyle for years and hobbled around stripper shops trying to figure out how to walk in your 6 inches. i was so super sad when i stupidly erased the last remaining copy of my 3000 plus photo scans of you that time. this time i am much sadder. and grateful. may you rest in peace bettie page.

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