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hi mom!

saying bye to naked arm. these aren’t in order, sorry.

thank you for coming out, cameraman.


the cheeks aren’t that rosy, that’s my blooooood. i barely bled at all actually but just as i was bragging about how much i wasn’t bleeding a whole bunch of area pricked up.

oh fuck was i nervous, as she was showing me the needles i almost barfed and fainted then i had to use the loo. also, great day to get your period.

it definitely hurts more in your head than it does you if that makes sense, i mean, it hurts a fuck of a lot but you get over it, the pain comes and goes.


thanks renita!!

so this was my reward for not being a fat fuck anymore, i wanted this blythe tattoo for over three years but i didn’t want to be a chunky chick with a blythe tattoo, that’s just sad. kidding. anyway i worked hard at eating right, exercising, and now thanks to anxiety toning down the booze. <-- takes a bow.


Raymi Sings U2 from Phil Ogynist on Vimeo.

unrelated, from nacho nite with skidfanie.

today is the anniversary of john lennon’s death as well as my grandpa’s.

110 thoughts on “hi mom!

  1. wow
    that looks perfect on your arm.. oddly so.. in a way it looks as if it’s just always been there.

  2. ohh raymi. how beautiful. congratulations on getting a tattoo. does that sound weird?
    pierogi tattoo for us ukrainy folk. or culbasa. (sp?)
    off-topic mucho?
    and cute u2 singing fabulousness.

  3. well now, welcome to the wonderful world of skin art, and she’s a beauty too. I wanted one forever but it took me 48yrs to get my first and it wasn’t what I had in mind but at the time it’s what I needed. Now I have 2 and lots of room for more. It’ll feel like a sun burn tomorrow. Wear her proudly as she means more to you than anyone seeing her.

  4. I love it. I too have been waiting for my dream tattoo until I’m not such a cow. I like to know that someone else sets the same goals, congrats on the ink and the body!

  5. hey hey! now you look like a totally bad ass motherfucker. my flatmate had her teeeeeny tattoo on her back turned into a massive shoulder tattoo today. it’s a day for needles ink and pain! but not for me. because i am weak.

  6. Your new singing video is the best I’ve heard you. There is a happiness in your voice I haven’t heard before and the audio is good. I have too many tats to make a valid comment on yours. The favorite one on me is big and verbal and not meant to be pretty, it says “RESOLUTE” and it still surprises me how many people don’t know the meaning of the word and have to ask. I just tell them to Google “define resolute” like any other word in the English language they don’t understand.


  7. wow i was not expecting a tattoo at all i have to say. when you posted you were getting something as a reward i didn’t know what it would be. but good art work and you are brave!

  8. Congratulations! I use tattoos to reward myself for things too! And you’re right about the pain. It hurts like a bitch, but you can block it out mentally sometimes.

  9. Lady that is one wicked tattoo, very original. The artist did an exceptional job! Does she do cover ups because I have been searching for someone for awhile now?

  10. If you read my comment again you’ll see I didn’t say I knew much about Blythe, but just that here they sell tons of dolls and accesories. There is no need to be defensive about that.
    If you only seek praise, you’ll end up with a lot of boring people around.

  11. asia, your comment was know-it-all irritating so i reacted accordingly. my blog, my body, my life. you don’t have to play devil’s advocate to be an interesting commenter. of course i’m defensive, i just got the damn thing.

  12. The U2 video was great. I was impressed. Not an easy song to sing.

    As for the tattoo…….. At first, I was a little shocked at the placement, but I’m getting used to it. It’s very you…… If you care about my opinion………. I like it, but in reality, the only person’s opinion that counts is your own. Congrats and enjoy it to the fullest

  13. and yes the shading of the hair hurt, everything did at some point or other while other times i couldn’t feel anything.

  14. Gorgeous, and the most original tattoo idea I have seen in a long time. Beautiful work by the artist and perfect for you.

  15. i think the camerawoman did an awesome job

    although i am still left in the dark about how to put a cucumber into a gin and soda, i am now educated to the fact that people do that.

    and cool tattoo !

  16. her name is renita (she’s on my fb) and she does her work in her home, email me if you want me to refer you. she prefers to work on women cos dudes are SICK. (for safety) well she will work on a guy if he brings his gf or a female friend along with.

  17. omg why? haha and no! self-explanatory! people who have essay-length tattoo explanations are self-indulgent pieces of annoying shit. i like her, i like how she looks, i have never seen anyone with one, case closed.

  18. Hi Raymi!

    Congrats – she’s perfect! My boyfriend is a tattoo artist, and he suggests kids Polysporin for the first few days or so (until it’s healed) It’s more like a cream than regular Polysporin, and it keeps colours bright. Plus there’s less chance it will irritate your skin. After it heals, regular moisturizer works great – I’m sure Renata gave you tons of good tips though!

    Happy Healing!


  19. Normal Polysporin is ok, but it tends to dull colours a bit – I think it is beacuse Children’s Polysporin heals the skin slightly slower reducing the chance of fading… it’s in a purple box in the baby isle at the drug store…

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  21. Cool!! I hope your Blythe doesn’t get too cold. Good thing you have your bag lady sweaters to keep her warm.

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