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hi mom!

saying bye to naked arm. these aren’t in order, sorry.

thank you for coming out, cameraman.


the cheeks aren’t that rosy, that’s my blooooood. i barely bled at all actually but just as i was bragging about how much i wasn’t bleeding a whole bunch of area pricked up.

oh fuck was i nervous, as she was showing me the needles i almost barfed and fainted then i had to use the loo. also, great day to get your period.

it definitely hurts more in your head than it does you if that makes sense, i mean, it hurts a fuck of a lot but you get over it, the pain comes and goes.


thanks renita!!

so this was my reward for not being a fat fuck anymore, i wanted this blythe tattoo for over three years but i didn’t want to be a chunky chick with a blythe tattoo, that’s just sad. kidding. anyway i worked hard at eating right, exercising, and now thanks to anxiety toning down the booze. <-- takes a bow.


Raymi Sings U2 from Phil Ogynist on Vimeo.

unrelated, from nacho nite with skidfanie.

today is the anniversary of john lennon’s death as well as my grandpa’s.

110 thoughts on “hi mom!

  1. NOOOOOOoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    10 years too late for shock value. Why oh why di you ruin your pretty asthetic. Too bad….

  2. you spelled aesthetic wrong and who said anything about shock value, why do you care, do you even know me? if i got this ten years ago i would have been 15 and that would be stupid, you don’t know fuck all when you’re fifteen, i would have gotten a fucking heart with barbed wire thorns going through it. basically, shut up matthew thorn but thank you for the input.

  3. !!! Looks so nice!! And not shock value, omg people are quick to jump to conclusions. I like the placement too, not a typical girly one either. Did you always want *that* particular blythe tattoo? Cause I know there are lots of blythes dolls out there.

    ps: i have that first camera, the big black one it’s alright, kinda big.

  4. Thats dead brill Raymi, she’s a good artist too, so many ways that could have gone wrong but she’s done an excellent job. If you’re like me now all you can think about is the next one :)

  5. why would i be thinking of another one i don’t even have? i’m thinking of THIS ONE! it hasn’t even healed yet take a relax pill haha.

  6. tell fil you’re welcome from me for putting his butt crack in that video.
    also what happened to the end of that vid.
    i’m fired aren’t i.

  7. Wow, they did a good job, very bold.

    Also, the video cut out! How am I supposed to know how to make gin and cucumber NOW?!

  8. renita and i have been back and forth discussing how i wanted it done for a few months and revising her drawings, i wanted hair sort of like mine.

  9. damn rayms, you took me off guard, but i totally dig it. i got one on my forearm this summer and i’ve been trying to figure out what i want to get next. just a warning, they are addictive!

  10. I like it but it is too big and too visible. My opinion is that tattoos are better in a a little more hidden place where you can forget they exist if you happen to stop liking them.
    Here in Japan Blythe Dolls are huge. In Harajuku (Tokyo) there are some specialized stores which sell any Blythe doll you can imagine and tons of accesories. If you ever plan a trip to Japan save some (a lot of) money for that.

  11. thank you blythe president expert i already know everything there is to know about blythe and being visible is pretty much the point. ps. if you read my post you’d have noticed i mentioned i have thought about this specific tattoo for over three years now.

  12. my bad. don’t worry. i think 38 (with mine being the 39th) comments mean the people like you plenty.

    nice doll.

  13. the mean ones always stand out no excuse, “my bad”? did you previously comment something annoying under a diff name?

  14. I like it! I want to get a tattoo, too, but the guy I want to do it lives in fucking France. Poo. Anyway, I would almost definitely faint. Almost did for every piercing I ever got (except, actually, the ones I did myself as an angsty teenager), and that doesn’t take nearly as long. Watching video of it is bad enough!

  15. Oh good lord I love it, what a great spot and in what little I pretend to know of you through your internet presence, I think it suits you completely.

  16. OH MY GOD, NOOO WAAAAY raymi i can’t believe it holy crap ahah raymi it looks freaking awesome!!! to me you and the doll both look a like it’s like the mini-doll version of raymi. it came out so cute love the face coloring on the doll,it’s really cute just takecare of of the arm there raymi so congratz on your tattoo. give a kiss to cid for me would ya ;), it really came out great.

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