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rescue remedy

sooooooooo xenia (the one who keeps dreaming about me) told me about this stuff called rescue remedy and apparently it cures hangovers, takes away booze anxiety, you know when you’re so mangled you feel like the entire universe is staring at you right down to your fucking SOUL and you don’t know what to do? well this stuff counteracts it, it’s hippie dippie homeopathic mumbo jumbo probably right? we got rightly pissed enough last nite so naturally i woke up hunglor this morning and gave her a test. i wasn’t exactly hung-hung, on a scale of one to ten hung i’da gave myself a 7, but i’m a pro by now so who knows what that would be for you, probably an 11.

here we go with the rescue remedy tour! this was 16 bucks, supposed to be 18 but the granola nerds at noah’s have been slacking in the sticker prices dept. and yes of course one chick was rude to me there what else is new, it’s not noah’s if you don’t walk out wanting to straight up murder someone.

i also tried it last nite when i wasn’t hungover or drunk maybe residual hangover from the previous nite, four drops on my tongue as we walked home and then nothing, but i did notice a change when we were driving to the supermarket, i felt pacified and stupid, a little slow, weakly tranquilized, so i guess it works. i felt like if fil ripped into a debate with me i would not be able to defend myself.

this is what i look like right now save for the dumb glasses, these pants were my safety pants last summer (already cut to the knee) and now they’re a bit baggy, l.o.v.i.n.g.i.t.

you can also put 4 drops into a glass of water, that’s dumb though, this stuff tastes like nothing.

shhh i’m scientisting.

oh i forgot to do the BEFORE picture.

yay i’m skinny and it’s gonna be a bright and sunshiney day!

uh meanwhile….

we watched this truly adorable movie last nite called bombon le chien, a movie clerk wrote on the box that it made them happy so we got it, i said ok if this dog ends up dying i’m going to be really fucking angry, fil remained optimistic throughout but i couldn’t just relax and go with it. the dog lives everyone. the story is about a man who is down on his luck, makes homemade knives, he’s out of work, lives with his daughter who is always yelling, and this man is so sweet, endearing and completely breaks your heart, i think i aww’d 100 times, anyway, he gets this dog and his luck changes, luck just rains down on him and you feel so happy cos he is so cute and deserves it. rent it if you are on your period.

i’ve been diligent (somewhat) over on jamie‘s blog if you care.

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