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and the pitch pipe i gave brad for his birthday BECAUSE I AM THE MOST GENEROUS PERSON IN THE WORLD. it’s the same pipe my dad got me and i weighed it’s sentimentality of course and thought my dad would be happier if an actual musician put it to good use instead of my knick knack shelf.

oh and if you were trying to figure out what to do with your stupid selves tomorrow nite this band hello beautiful is playing at the horseshoe. saturday nites at the shoe is what we typically end up doing when we can’t come up with anything else to do, it’s a sure thing, then we come home and time shift catch SNL. oh and i’m not saying after you have weighed all your other options go to the shoe i’m saying, YOU’RE WELCOME FOR THE IDEA.

broken glass from other birthday partiers, we sang to brad happy birthday and they started singing along thinking we were singing to their friend and i did the slicing neck motion to them to fuck off then they approached us and said brad and this girl should be friends cos they share the same birthday, right, that’s how it works.

the moment matt left WITHOUT PAYING for his pints hahahahhaha.

gill noticed the budd clan walking by and nabbed ‘em, brad wasn’t planning on having a big PARty (nfld pronunciation) but it turned into one anyway that’s for fucking sure.

my pipes and lovely face.

gill is not going to like that i have this up, i like her hair curly, it’s like crazy meets orphan annie meets more crazy.

another budd, remember these guys? they put on the dodgeball thing.

nice ski slope i have growing out of my face much?

i was not planning on drinking this nite, just so’s you know.

my cellphone charm bit the dust so any cute scouts oot thare wantsing to replenish my phone with more cute, be my guest.

brad was flush with overwhelminity by our love and friendship right brad i think i even saw a tear at one point.


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