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no water for me i only drink water when it’s too late

so it was brad‘s birthday yesterday and we went to the tap, started out as just having one or two then the gong show arrived and we didn’t leave ’til after 1, big deal. Broszkowski came and left without paying i saw the tankedness in his eyes. he has this really great story regarding a movie theatre and security and a few dudes being thrown down the stairs and i asked him to write it out for my blog but he got all nervous that the people would find it and sue the theatre. i can barely spell his last name, in my phone contacts i wrote it like this Brozs7kowski hahah yes cos i’m a racialist. so after my fourth whiskey i was DONE but then guess who is FAMOUS (me) and got BLOGSPOTTED and a free round of shots for me fil and brad, mere moments after i was bragging about how i get (got!)(like once!) free drinks at the drake (i told you when i’m cocked the ego meter rests at ten) in front of snake and sharpie and samir and i was dusting my shoulders off at how great i was. hi amanda sorry i made your school buddy feel threatened maybe!

ungh i broke the family ipod i am in a sadness that’s two things of fil’s now i’ve ruined, oh well he wanted to get a new one anyway cos i claimed it as my own and put all my gay music on it the last thing i broke of his was his point and shoot camera which he should be thanking me for still to this day cos it made him get that fancy dslr.

aaaaaaaaaaaand the unsexiest lube award goes to…

trying to look dead.

oh i can’t wait to show you the newest loser videos i made i’m so game show catch phrasey in them!

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