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fil had to secretly wake up before me to play more and get ahead in the game and get better than me (not possible) oh now it’s my turn.

fil ordered it ages ago and kept it a secret from me all this time so the photos of me holding it are kinda creepy sorry maybe even too creepy for you.



ok i’m back it’s fil’s turn, we didn’t do it last nite cos we stayed up playing mariokart til 2 and our brains were too frazzled after that oh and we were drunk i made him a ridiculously strong rum honey almond yogurt banana smoothie at 1.30 and it was so loud with the ice cubes bouncing off the blender blades the fact that fil didn’t tell me to turn it off asap told me he’s cut and extremely into MK, anyway, it was like gasoline. we made the lcbo ten minutes before closing and as you know everything’s closed today, i feel bad/good watching all the people getting turned away (when i’m safely inside) their sad faces their trying to barter with the store to just let them in they’ll be just a minute haha, one guy taking forever to lock his car and check his reflection out in the car window if he wasn’t such a douche i would have told him to just get back in his car and leave cos they’re closed.

here’s the cute bottle of white wine i got (i don’t think i can handle the red wine anymore, for the time being at least).

bonus one more creepy photo of me and MK wow look out cool no mystery there eh?


ignore the wall behind, carla and bryce’s house is under construction.

gator has an american flag scarf cos he’s a yank, from myrtle beach.

i’ve had these le chateau pants since i was 19, fils hates them. probably cos they make my AYCE stand out all nice-like.

alright my turn again!

oh yeah i’m going to be taking over jamie‘s blog while he and deb are away on their honeymoon so if you want to read more of well my stuff go there. here is my magical post. how come i can only see that post by direct linking to it, who knows wordpress?

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