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I don’t have plans and schemes, and I don’t have hopes and dreams. I don’t have anything, since I don’t have you.

i let fil out by himself last nite, this guy was tres fatigue, FAT AND GAY, and wanted to stay in and not drink the alcohols. we did go have dinner at samir and sharpie’s though and played gta4 you don’t realize how awesome that game is until you are physically removed from it and have a major itch to drive into a bunch of people and punch women for no reason god INVITE US OVER RIGHT NOW I’LL COME IN MY PAJAMAS. haha come in my pajamas. anyway, i ordered atonement on the cable box LOVED IT i think even fil would like it, the way it’s shot is clever and that creepy little girl is so heinous she made me actually like keira knightley, i know, that girl should get an academy award for that geniosity.

here’s some pics from our walk of shame, i had to carry my mirror and a napkin in my hands cos i did the bonehead move of lacing my eyes with mascara as usual not considering the possibility of spring gale force winds and allergens and blungh, it was a bad scene. there’s more on my flickr.

the word giggle inspires the absolute opposite of giggle within me, probably cos of that whale who facebooked fil once and said giggle*giggle SHRUG between you and me, you turned into a HOTTIE *giggle* oh i hope she’s at the OT highschool reunion so bad!

i know it looks like this is the only cardigan i wear.

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