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rum smoothie time in the kitchen with aunt raymi!

this video includes: live action blending! danger! when i peel the foil off the rum i slice my thumb and finger! (nothing serious but i only noticed it half an hour later when there was blood all over my hand) i whistle! i suck on a penis (straw)!


Hi Lauren-

It’s me, Laura, who sent you the Hello Kitty necklace. I just want to let you know that your Guide to Weight Loss works! I have lost about 20 pounds since November. Here are the practices I have adopted into my life. I walk between 3-7 miles a day no matter what. I eat nothing until lunch and that can be no more than about 300 calories and I stopped snaking no matter what. At night still eat a pretty good dinner and drink wine, but not stuffing myself or snacking is the answer. I work at a company where there is food like pastries are all over the place and people are stuffing their faces all day long. Not important!!!! I am no where near “skinny” (I’d like to lose about 10 more) so I hate it when people say how “skinny” I’m getting. This has been a pretty slow weight loss than what I’m used to but it’s staying off this way.

OK without gushing, I have to say that you have great advice and it’s so honest and funny too.




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