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thank you so much everyone for your support and kind wishes, i feel like a cad i dunno, i feel like this should be the fluff blog that’s why i don’t do the political naggy downer thing typically, a childhood friend told me once that when she sees me cry it just kills her, it’s like seeing a clown cry, not that i am a clown but you know, after having a particular image in your head of someone and the way they are and act when something real happens and they get bummed, it can be shocking. don’t get me wrong i many a time drunk cry spring it on someone and trap them into my shit but yeah, thousands of people daily whom have never met me come here to hear about how obsessed i am with my body and hair and mediocre obvious movie observations and then oh shit she IS real. anyway, i am so uh touched and despite my dad’s pride and not wanting to express or share what is going on right now, i know he would be touched as well. i don’t want to downplay nor blow anything out of proportion, it’s too soon to say, we are all thinking positively and everyday, better and better it seems, better news, better signs, there’s just a tiny hump of scary sadness to overcome, technical shit if you will.

i am this close to drunk dialing the hospital.

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