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ok i don’t want to jump off a bridge anymore (pfft as if i would do that anyway, that bridge is faaaaaar and i would have to take a bus to it, ew buses) i went for two lie down tans one yesterday and one tuesday and now i have some colour, thank fuck. i’m going to be super moody insane for other new reasons though, something i can’t blog about, so yeah, lay off on the nasty zingers for the time being, thanks.


happily, poetry slam war continues:

too big to get all in one picture, they said we are all boring and unoriginal and that maybe poetry is for people who can’t say what they want w/o the flowery filler (contradictionary) then someone wrote suck my dick beneath that.

maybe they should turn to poetry perhaps then i would understand what they are trying to get the fuck across. if you cannot speak or write, poetry is the answer? yeah can you poetry your way through a fucking boardroom meeting and poetry me some fries supreme at taco bell? yeah, that how it works, chum?

i wrote that, i was pretty excited for a flame war i didn’t know what to say. i added that poetry was not original on another part of the wall.


Lauren White: One of the most difficult things to do as a blogger is maintain a consistent level of interesting content, one that draws readers back time and again. While blogging has become vastly popular, there have been few that have been able to sustain their blogs more than a year or two without succumbing to fatigue, and most simply lack the ability to continually produce quality content. This is where the skills of quality diarists come into play, and in my opinion there is none finer than Lauren White, known to most as Raymi The Minx.

Over the seven years that Lauren has been writing, she has been able to maintain not only a consistent standard of interesting, quirky and, at times, crazed content, but has also transcended the format and turned it into an art form that, to me, parallels at times the likes of Bukowski.

Don’t get me wrong, she certainly has her detractors, most of whom are unable to grasp what she is doing and the thought processes that are attached to each offering, which to me is a sign that an artist is doing something right rather than wrong. In a word, she is original. In fact, she is so original that her style has been copied by literally thousands of others.”

Matthew Good shares his must-read blogs.

thanks dude also for the boob picture.

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