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me: are you going to get pretentious pickles and eggs (to eat the pickles, then boil the eggs and pickle them)

Phil: yes maybe i dunno

me: why are you perplexed

Phil: im not
i want to get it all at noahs or equivalent
so yes
i will
i have decided

me: well we dont know if they are at noahs

Phil: if not there, then the next place
or i will buy some chickens and plant some cucumbers and do the whole thing myself

me: omg
you are turning crazy
why dont you just buy a shack on the island

Phil: jokes dude, jokes

me: mine too guy

Phil: i know there buddy

me: i kind of want to live on the island cos this one character in the robber bride (atwood) she lives on the island and has a chicken coop and thats how she gets her eggs and there is this part when she puts an egg in her pocket and then forgets about it and hugs her boyfriend and it gets crushed, i wish that was me, oh and wearing wellingtons and a long nightgown and have scraggily long hair

Phil: yes nice

las iguanas is a good place for spying, i saw two people of my past walk by and i got good looks at both of them. i had the chili and a margarita. fil had enchiladas. there was this chick hanging out at las iguanas who panhandles at our subway stop, she has a major limp and her hair is kinda fucked her hairline and she talks funny and she was with some older yuppie sucker dude with a cellphone on his belt and the belt was braided leather and he had a designed golf shirt some douche in arizona would wear and this girl’s street-friend came up to them asking for coin and the yuppie guy gave him some, it pissed me off, this chick getting slammed in front of me while i’m eating dinner and tries to get money off me and and fil to “get home” everytime we go to the subway like dude i see you EVERYDAY you do NOT use any of this change to take the subway, you go down the street to a bar and get smashed leave me alone with your fucking lies, maybe if you lied less you would have more money? etcetera.

noel is wild-bored today




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