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watched two movies last nite, turistas and night at the museum, we only watched half of night at the museum, it was kind of garbage, as was turistas, but there was a good portion of tits and carnage and hot bodies to make up for the predictible dialogue and shoddy delivery. the last line in the movie will piss you off, if you are into being pissed off, hold out for that last line.

also, get your hands on cruddy by lynda barry. tony mailed me a copy for my birthday, he said it was totally my style, and it is, and there are tons of sketchy pictures throughout. i was reading some of it in the bath last week during my energy drink sketch attack and it freaked me out even more.

still, it is funny and sad and moving and thrilling, if you like knives and drugs and death and grubby type people and slaughterhouses, read it.


yawn here are my tits.

fil has been on a posting pictures of my tits on his flickr vibe. it’s his new project. a few nites ago he turned to me all pervy gleam in his eye and said, “remind me to take a few new pictures of your tits.” he was wearing glasses and his hair was sticking up, it should have been a sexy moment, it was more of the scary sexy kind. anyway i am over my tits but there they are, they will not increase my hits despite many a blog flamer’s argument, once a picture is up there it is and you are already at my blog how did you know tits would be there that day?

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