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go watch hot fuzz tonite!! if you loved shaun of the dead you will love it, i applaud this new genre/style invention of film, funny, thriller, ridiculous unnecessary unbelievable gore, british humour, HILARIOUS. like don’t even talk to me or read my blog until you have seen it ok.

you will love danny:

he makes all these exaggerated faces when he shoots his gun and drops all this american slang, it’s pretty smart. he is obsessed with hollywood cop films and asks ginger-haired dude non-stop questions like HAVE YOU EVER SHOT YOUR GUN AND FLEW IN THE AIR AT THE SAME TIME? HAVE YOU EVER BLASTED YOUR GUN IN THE AIR LIKE IN POINT BREAK COS YOU LOVE HIM SO MUCH AND YOU CAN’T SHOOT HIM? sooooo endearing!


i am a polish magazine

thanks aleksandra for mailing this to me! i can’t find you on myspace so email me nice lady,


Someone offers you $10 million tax-free on the condition that you shut down this blog and remain in self-imposed Internet exile for the rest of your days. Deal or no deal?

E. Frontery

deal but i would write elsewhere on the internet using a different alias? or use that money to fund an indie film project or tv show. though i dunno why someone would pay me ten million for my blog to go away that’s kinda funny. i don’t think i would be able to stop myself, i would violate that contract immediately. but yes deal, where do i sign?

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